NBA cancels Wednesdays games

NBA is officially the NO Basketball Anymore league. Wonder how long they can go if they become the No Fan League? When I saw the BLM plastered all over courts, coaches shirts and various names on the back of jerseys, I could see the writing on the wall.

Here are a few questions that come to mind:
Why was Jacob Blake walking away from police after he has been commanded to stay put?

This video is extremely hard to watch…I mean, shoot a man in the back and with his kids in the car as I understand it. Don’t these police understand that the nation is watching on social media at all times? This is just a powder keg for unrest and rioters.

So back to the NBA. It is a league full of Black players, as is the NFL. So is the future going to be full of protests if a black man is shot because I guarantee that happens daily.

Would the NBA stop play if a white man were getting shot in the back in this video? Would a white man actually do this sort of thing in front of his kids?

It appears that both Jacob Blake and George Floyd were Lifetime Criminals. Which puts police in a pickle. Do they enforce the law, do they just have to be smarter, better trained?

Has Donovan Mitchell experienced racism here in Utah? He is beloved here in Utah, will his comments about Blake erode that love here in Utah? Is there Racism here in Utah?

Finally, here is a priceless piece on what happens when you have lawlessness and you replace it with vigilantism.

Who watches the NBA? The reason the games were canceled is because there’s no money to pay the players. A new league will soon form. Should be interesting. Same with the NFL. Perfect time for this too. Call them the American Basketball and Football leagues. I’m suspecting baseball is full of smarter people and won’t fall. But, who knows.

As far as police officers, we don’t know what Blake said to the officers before opening the car door and reaching in. Did he say he was going to get his gun? Or knife? Why did the officers think they were in lethal jeopardy?
Blake’s back was to the officers but if he had a gun, he’d be able to shoot the officers through the windows before the officers could have shot him. But, do the Democrats want to wait for the facts? No.

I have refused to watch any NBA games. My wife has some older friends (70’s) that wanted to watch the last Utah game, since I have access to watch the game. They came over.

I spent the majority of the time explaining to my older friend why the names were so weird.

They watch the game, I sat in my comfy chair and read a really good book.

I have to laugh at the irony, The black NBA players supports BLM and the agenda (including retribution) while getting paid millions of dollars from a bunch of rich white guys… Oh the irony.

I think I heard on news that he went back to the car to get a knife and the knife was on the seat of the car. He may have been reaching for it when he was shot? I don’t know but the chaos continues and this issue goes way beyond what the media tries to portray. This whole thing has Satan at the root.

The people who have an agenda and more sinister plans have no interest in waiting for the truth or to find out what really happened. I bet media are getting videos like this sent to them all the time. They take the video and if they can manipulate it into something really bad they do. If they can’t then they just ignore it and look for the next one.

The NBA will do whatever they think they need to in order to keep the money machine rolling. They have no interest in doing what is right or moral. All of what we are seeing in society is the result of years of nourishing bad seeds… now we are seeing the results of it.

It’s easy to see he was shot while reaching for the weapon. Gun? Knife? The officer didn’t know. Why shoot him 7 times in the back? The rush to judgment is the cop is a racist. The reasonable reason is he didn’t know what kind of weapon and got frightened for his life. And maybe the lives of other cops and the children. We don’t know what was said. The man was a dangerous criminal.

Yep! They are the real criminals!

They will do whatever the NBA’s players union tells them to do… That union has more power than either the NFL or MLB.

I have not missed not watching games, I have not missed the one sided officiating, I have not missed the whiney players who feel so disrespected.

Donovan Mitchell who plays for the Jazz is posting all this crap about BLM. My question to him is two fold:

  1. What have you done with your millions to help the every day low income black families in the inner cities besides giving them over priced shoes?
  2. How can some one from a two parent black family, who grew up in the upper middle class neighborhood in NY (His dad was the Scout VP for the NY Mets) understand the plight of the inner city blacks?
    I believe blacks are disadvantaged, especially in the inner cities of big towns like LA, Chicago, NY. The issue in my opinion is not that they are struggling because of their “race”, but failed policies of their local and state and even on the federal level.

I see a lot of focus on cops brutality (which in “some” cases is true), but the real issue is that what happened to people like George Floyd was not because of race, but because the restraint rules currently used in policing is not correct. Change the standards and the issue goes away.

Police Shooting is going to happen no matter what you do because people are people and make some stupid decisions (both sides of the shooting). The key to that is have a good review (not just by the police) and if warranted arrest the officer for wrong doing.

In SLC there was a cop shooting and people rioted over the death of the guy. The SL County Attorney released his findings on the shooting (he has not been known to be nice towards cops) that the cop was justified in using deadly force (as well as a civilian panel came to the same conclusion).

The black guy had rob a store, when comforted by the cops he raised his gun toward them. Then in his escape, he dropped the gun, went back and picked it up and aimed it at the cop. Seriously? What was the cop suppose to do to him? Taser him?

There is a small group of minorities that think they have the upper hand on white people now. They use police to hide behind and drive their attempts too rule the majority including other minorities. Many are athletes.