NBA Finals TV sucked

Last year’s first NBA Finals game had 13.51 million viewers. Tonight’s first game for the NBA Finals had only 7.41 million viewers. Most TV shows are canceled when they fall by 45%. Wrecking a great game by leftist millionaires.

The NBA and NFL can go belly up for all I care.

I spent my entire life playing and loving sports. Basketball and Football have been my most favorite to play and watch. I played baseball but it wasn’t as fun for me as the other two. Having said that, leaving them behind has been hard. It takes commitment and I haven’t completely abandon the two, just the pro versions, because I watch college football. When I heard that Florida took a knee to protest the treatment of blacks it knocked the college version down a notch. I would be called racist for that but it has nothing to do with that. The politicians and news media are the racist ones, always talking about “the black vote” or “the hispanic vote”. The assumption that a group of people will vote a certain way because of their nationality or skin color is the ultimate in racist thought.

I agree that the NBA and NFL, two very non-essential businesses, can end anytime.

The sources I have read indicate the NFL ratings have been poor. I certainly hope so. According to hopper the NBA ratings are bad as well. That’s all good news to me. I hope it gets bad enough that the two get back to playing games and leaving their politics out of the contests. If they want to be activists they can do it off the job like the rest of us do if we do it at all. I can’t go to work and run around the office proselytizing for the church or campaigning for political candidates. The athletes need to do their social activist thing that on their own time and not when they are on the clock.

Tim Tebow and a few others caught flack for their openly Christian behavior. At least they were behind a good cause and not some false narrative they have been duped into.

That is 100% true. Double standard

Speak, Brother!!!
The BLM league and the apologetic NFL are finding out that there are a whole lot of working class people, who have jobs and mortgages, have walked away and will not be throwing money their way any time soon.

read the letter

Way to go Mr. Klohn! Someone with cojones! The Jazz are “whipped” into making the franchise a political front for the BLM organization. However, Mr. Klohn will find that IHC will pull out, at some point, with doing business with his company. IHC will not want any consequential criticism as they are very sensitive about their image.

Yes, the cancel culture is alive and well but then, how else do we avoid a civil war? Conservatives have be silenced by the PC. I will look for opportunities to buy from SME steel and encourage others to put their $ where we can push back

Isn’t this one of the biggest root problems in society today? Everything is about image and perception. It doesn’t matter whether a person, organization or whatever has any real substance, integrity or standards. It’s all about image and what people think.


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BYU got more viewers than the NBA Finals game