NC State, statement win, by the numbers

1 This win has characte writtin all over it. BYU had every right to roll over and quit after Atiki gets ejected and Foos hobbles up with a hammy into the game 6 minutes and NCS up big after a 20-2 run.

2 Khalifa, Pope didn’t get a good one, he got a great one… where to start. was not even supposed to play. This guy came with the moniker of “great passer”…understatement. 5 assists, all easy buckets. No Khalifa, no win. period. 9 rebs on a bum leg.

3 Robinson, smooth hand Luke, Loved his block, Dunk, in your face. he abused those smaller guards.
Personal best, what a night.

4 Spenc Johnson, the quiet team leader. babyface stealth assassin. 4 assists

5 Knell, yup, been here since 2019 team (that was a 3rd seed heading into the Dance but got SKREWED by Covid). The spirit of those warriors lives on in this group. Feels like I’m seeing the same exact team here. Everyone shoots the 3, finds the open guy.

6 The difference between Senior leadership and underclassmen is front and center here. Nothing fazes these guys. Just for kicks, would love to see these same guys that finished 6th in the Rec league play SMC and Gonzaga again. We would smoke em!

7 Shout out to Waterman and Stewart. These guys were a hot mess the past two years. Now they are foundation pieces for this team. Waterman just was named the MVP of the Vegas tournament, wrap your heads around that…Mr disappearing act in big games is the MVP!.

8 We lose the transfer to OSU and who is going to back up Hall? Stewart, possibly our most athletic defender (who now has a shot) He could of and should of transferred, stayed and now is a solid role player.

9 Down two big men, BYU out rebounded NCS 40-29. 8 offensive,

10 Shooting 41% from three at a rate of half of our total shots (34) will erase a lot of mistakes. 17 TOs, FT bricks…yes lots of mistakes but 3s kill baby.

11 bonus… BYU will jump a mile in rankings this week, 100% earned and lastly:
A big shoutout to the girls soccer, down 3-0 after 2o minutes in a final 4 match, the lady cougars roar back with an impossible 4-3 win in the frigid Tundra of Provo. Congrats and lets win it all.
What a night.

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The ESPN dudes were talking about him and how he is the leader of the team. “As Spencer goes, BYU goes”.

Like I said I don’t follow basketball as closely as football, so can you explain a little more why and how he is the leader?

Just so I understand why he is so important, thanks!

Yeh I gave up on the Cougars after they fell behind by 11 and switched to Oregon/Oregon State.! Turned it back after the half to find them only down by 5 and watched the rest. These guys are fun to watch. Totally a team and totally unselfish. Love them, no matter what their record ends up. Kudos to Waterman-never thought he would shine-congratulations. Football team could learn from them and their never quit mantra!

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He’s the oldest and a Senior. He’s the captain as well. On the court, he’s also vocal and keeps them focused. He hustles and so by his work he leads them. I hope his 3 point shooting improves.

my thoughts exactly…hopefully it will continue to improve

This is surprising to me, but I am totally glad. I thought Waterman was a joke last season and I was right. He is off to a great start this season because he has suddenly become very aggressive. If he can bottle that aggression and keep it under control to some degree he can obvioiusly be a very big asset for this team. I am cautiously optimistic about his contributions this season. When he is good, that is a bonus. When he is bad, I just hope he has the maturity to find a way to contribute and not be a detriment to the team. He was that on more than one occasion last season. This is not last season and so far so good for him.