NCAA or bust for San Diego?

given how much they improved last year, and with four seniors on board, it might not be too far out of reach for them…It would be interesting to see what the BYU goals are yes I know win every game. beat Gonzaga for the conference regular season championship do well enough in the conference tourney to get an invite and then win two games in the dance.

ho hum…byu yet again has no passion…

SDU appears to have it in spades this year.

It all depends on how fast Baxter develops for BYU. We ain’t goin nowhere with Worthlesston as a starter.

I would have cut Worthington after he came back from his mission. However, Rose can’t recruit a big man if his life depends on it. His basketball life may depend on it if this season turns out as ugly as the past 4 years. With no true post … we will get canned by good teams. Rose is just barely doing enough to hold on to his job. I think the leash is short.

Hmmmm, don’t agree with the holding on thing. Rose has a veteran loaded team, strong strong at point guard with Hardnett, TJ, emery. Seljaas looks ready to rock and If Baxter moves into starting minutes, BYU could be really good.

Seljaas is not a legit D-1 top 25 player. He is super slow and can’t play defense and can’t creat his own shot. He was quickly figured out by the opposition last year and held below 30% from 3. Baxter is athletic but physically weak and it will be a few years before he can make a major impact. I predict that Rose will be gone before Baxter sees graduation. Hardnet has improved but Worthington hasn’t. Nixon is very average and Haws is still and probably always will be inconsistent. Emery will be back but if you think Haws and Emery will be the leaders of this team and take them into the NCAA tourney you will be crying come Feb. Without Mika and some other bigs … even with Child’s (who I loved from the first time I saw him play in HS) this team is a 3rd place WCC finisher. We should be 2nd place but we usually under perform under Rose by at least 1 or
2 spots in the league. One other comment … Rose has selected a very dubious coaching staff except for QUincy Lewis. None of the other coaches would get a sniff at a top 50 program if Rose didn’t hire them. The whole makeup of the staff is to tell Rose he is doing a good job … which he isn’t.

I would agree with most of what you say but disagree on two things…Seljaas was a 50% 3 point killer before the mission. He looks like he is closer to Fr. stats this year then the busted up kid we saw last year. Many schools and NBA teams do just fine with a 3 point specialist.

I am close to the program, as in talk to the coaches. Still can’t get a answer as to why they let Worthlesston any play time other then a , “He understands the defense”. No good enough for me.

That kid out of Idaho is a good one, Harding, I think.

Harding looks to be pretty good, but honestly he doesn’t look better than Chatman, Beo or Calvert among others who came through the program and languished… when Emery gets back Harding will be regulated to the bench. Rose decides who his starters are very early on and despite improvements from others or lack of improvement from his starters … he rides them until the wheels come off and everyone is complaining … then sticks in kids who should have been playing all along but at that point it is too late and the new comers don’t have confidence because of the way they have been handled by Rose … and are playing against other teams whose players have 15 or more games under their belt. Always the same story and lack of good talent evaluation. Can you believe that they let Dastrup walk? We need bigs and he is better and bigger than Nixon. I just think that the IQ of Rose isn’t very high in basketball. Just listen to him when he is interviewed. He stumbles and Hims and Haws and
Just doesn’t sound like he knows what he is watching or doing. His teams have underperformed since Jimmer over performed … he always loses games to teams that are terrible. Frankly I just wish he would retire.

Fish- what are you going to say if BYU gets 3rd or 4th in the WCC this year with that loaded team they have?

Are you reading my mind? and what’s with the thawk name? Way too close to mine and starting to get a little creepy. This is exactly what I have been saying for years now. It is the problem with BYU basketball but Rose always does enough to make the powers that be believe he is better than he really is. Jimmer was a once in a generation college basketball player and he made Rose look way better than he is.

The fact that Worthington has been and continues to be a starter on this team while Rose plays head games with guys like Dastrup is unacceptable. I am not a basketball guru but I have been around the game long enough to see a big problem when it is there. There are problems with the Utaho Cougars…

I agree! I want BYU to be successful but they are so unwilling to separate a church calling mentality from
Their sports jobs … it kills performance!! The only way change is made is with huge public pressure … like starting Wilson. Quincy Lewis is a way better coach than Rose is. I don’t see the wisdom of continuing 3rd place WCC finishes … I would have Rose retire and start over and aim
For the top of the league. BYU has the resources to be so much better than they are in bb! Rose just needs to walk away.