NCAA Penalizes BYU Basketball?

Who are those 4 boosters? Was it true? Why did this happened? I am glad BYU going to appeal this but it is a distraction when the season already started. Was it true Nick Emery let this happened? Student Athletes are taought when not to do when comes to NCAA Rule Book right? Probation start today for 2 years, I guess no NCAA & NIT Tournament or correct me if I’m wrong here. Ugly stuff for BYU Men’s Basketball and BYU!

I would be happy if Emery never played basketball and Byu again. He knew better and he caused lotta problems for the University

Yeah, I agree. One of these soon years the whole LP3 debacle will end and we will all be better off as a result of that.

He should go somewhere else and finish out whatever career he wanted. What a disappointment.

Excuse me, but Nick Emery, although a very talented athlete, has never shown much character for basketball IQ in his play. Remember when his doings led to Utah’s canceling a game with BYU. The Ute coach is or was a coach who had no understanding of the Blue vs. Red rivalry. Plus being in the PAC-12 Utah has shown a somewhat “better than you attitude,” since getting into the PAC. BYU most obviously will never get into a P-5 level conference unless we drastically lower our standards and/or academic requirements.Obviously big money is the name of the game these days.BYU does not to appear to have the where with all and standards accepted by P-5 conference. Think of the Big 12 (or" Little 10 Conference") and the PAC-12. Whatever P-5 conference will ever even possibly consider BYU for membership?

Does anyone know what the 2 year probation entailes? It sounds like Rose and the school aren’t as concerned about that as they are about losing the wins when Emery played which lowers Rose’s win total. How does anyone know if we would have loses those games?
Anyway, I would think If BYU was prohibited from post season play that Rose and the school would be more upset about that. So, it doesn’t seem that is part of the probation.

Like UVU so next year he can lead them to a win over BYU. Come on McFly, think!!! :thinking:

I’m sure he’s on a very short leash. So, he may get pushed by someone and get booted that way. The players are backing him up so I think we can too.

All three of my daughters worked or still work for the basketball and/or football team as student mentors or tutors. I have met and/or gotten to know lot of the hoops players who have come through, particularly during the Ty Haws era. Every one of the players and employees gets told over and over and over and OVER again and again and AGAIN–ABOUT A MILLION TIMES–what is permissible and what is not. I could MAYBE see some dumb kid playing golf for free and being naive enough to think it’s OK, but an all expense paid trip to Europe? I’m pretty surprised Rose took him back not the team. An all expense paid trip to Europe. By a high profile scholarship athlete, newly married and with no paying job. Do the math, coach Rose. I am very disappointed in the kid and in the basketball coaching staff.

See my reply to Fish. I could have replied the same to your message. As a fan and alum I’m embarrassed that Coach Rose let him back on the team. It’s embarrassing enough that my beloved BYU hoops team plays in high school gyms.

Who looks worse: Emery, the idiot who paid for his vacation, Coach Rose, or the NCAA?

I don’t know if everyone knows how everything unfolded but the short story is that Emery married, in my opinion a very coddled girl and when they couldn’t make the marriage work, she went to the media just to spite him.

Emery was a mess post mission and marriage to this nut job just exasperated the whole thing. A lot of pressure for a very immature kid to live up to NationChamp HS team. Then the whole final 4 expectations. He was way over his head. I feel very badly for Coach Rose and the damage Emery has done to his legacy, the church as a whole, the institution of BYU and it’s ethics.

I would never in a million years take Emery back. I’ve been to many practices and always noted that he was the one that wanted the attention when he should be playing attention to the practice and leading by work ethic…Bryant, now that kid was focused like a laser beam…….now you all understand why kids like Beo, Chatman and others knew they were not going to get a fair chance.

The LP3 were getting more playing time than those guys (Chatman, Beo, etc). Mika was the only one who was really good and was so focus during his two years at BYU. And I believe after Mika got back from his mission, he knew what was going on with Nick Emery. So after his sophomore year Mika decided to move on and didn’t want to deal with his former LP2. Eli Bryant may saw something during his stay and he too decided to graduate and move on.
It is none of my business how I feel about Nick Emery coming back but he did ruined big time at BYU.
I don’t like the idea about student athletes getting married right after their mission or at age 20/21 before going to college which is not mature thing to do.

I wonder what those fans (both BYU & Utah) going to react once Nick Emery gets on the floor which I believe against Utah at Vivent Arena (Utah Jazz Arena). That will be interesting.

Agree on this one too along with Dave Rose. Oops, he got another year after those LP2 are gone. I shouldn’t say that about Dave Rose but he still really puzzled me (after he let go Chatman, Beo, Dastrup, etc.).

Thank you for spelling out what most of us have known for years. Some coaches, even at BYU have been fired for players that have tarnished the BYU image. Maybe Dave Rose is the teflon coach and survives the latest indication of needed changes in the program. I do believe that the punishment was overly severe compared to other violations around the country. I could really care less about his legacy of wins, in fact Emery may have cost him wins, but the scholarship loss hurts the program and negative publicity hurts the image the school trys to project. We will see how the appeal plays out

We may get in after 202??? Yes it is getting old when comes to when or if ever getting in. I can’t stand wcc nor do I want to go back to mwc.

I agree fish, Emery is not a contributor to BYU basketball.

I know Gavenman will say something like “oh, we have to forgive Emery and give him a second chance” but I disagree. He can go somewhere else to get his second chance and when he moves on he will be forgiven.

In the meantime, he is ruining the program and people will say that BYU is no different than any other program and this will damage things for years to come.

He was stupid and selfish, plain and simple.

He should have gone somewhere else to finish out his illustrious career… and if it was UVU then so be it. Gavenman thinks he would make enough of a difference that UVU would beat BYU. I say nonsense, Emery isn’t nearly as good as he or some others think he is.

I got married at 20. We are still married 44 years later. Some are ready and some aren’t. Some aren’t ready at 40, 50 or into the eternities. I don’t see that as an issue with what happened.

We shall see :slight_smile:

So, what exactly is the 2 year probation? Does anyone know?

Your wife is deserving of the highest honor available… medal of valor or something.

She’s fantastic!!!