NCAA Selections/SeedingsWomen's Sports

I am perplexed as to how the NCAA Basketball Tournament selection committee selects and seeds teams.
In the Women’s Tourney how is it that the BYU Women’s team gets a 14 seed after beating Gonzaga in the WCC tourney and Gonzaga gets virtually home court advantage and an 11 seed. BYU has to play a tough #3 seed Louisville team that was still hot from a leter conference tournament.
To me, the teams that AQ from their conference tournaments ought to be seeded ahead of At-Large teams.
The BYU Men’s team is a constant t-Large also ran team from their conference tournament. Many big 5 conference teams get better at large seedings than many conference winners. The rich get richer.

BYU womens sports gets jobbed again by the NCAA. How does a regular season champion softball team get put in an NCAA Region where they play a No. 2 nationally team on their home field. The BYU women’s softball got hosed by the NCAA again!

You aren’t really surprised are you?

This type of stuff has always been, currently is (as evidenced by your post) and always will be. It is just the way it is and at this point I’m not sure the people who make these decisions even care or realize it.

There are so many reasons why I can’t begin to describe them all but it isn’t going to change, if anything it will get worse.