NCAA to play tourny in the bubble

The entire tournament will play in Indiana.
Entire 2021 men’s NCAA basketball tournament will be held in Indiana - Deseret News

It is the birthplace of modern basketball. I love the idea…anywhere from California, right?

I still don’t see how you’re are going to bubble these teams (they will be allowing some family to attend, what does that mean, can they, the family members, come and go?)

BYU is a solid on the bubble team right now but with these blanketly blank california teams canceling, how will BYU have the resume’ ? Do we play Gonzaga 15 times? Cali is such a mess.

As predicted, Pacific has now cancelled. I am so sick of Cali, Newsom and all these junk teams that can’t get their act together. Get us out of the WCC for good.

Hopefully the recall effort works and they get a new Governor soon.

I’m hoping this is the year Holmoe realizes we have to get out of the Rec League.

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And do what? Independent?

I am fine going back to MWC But BYU football should stay independent. But I don’t think that will happen. I like to play against Gonzaga except the rest of this WCC league.

Remember that just a year ago the Zags wanted out of the Rec League too. Few threatened the Rec League with leaving to negotiate a better share of the TV money. Just like BYU, Gonzaga is sick and tired of funding a bunch of rec league programs playing in high school gyms—just like BYU got sick of paying the freight for half of the MWC in football. I have always wanted BYU to join the American conference in football where we would play good teams and have a chance to win the league every year. But TH LOVES being Indy in football, so I fear he will leave us suffering in this joke of a conference for too long.

Also let’s not forget that it’s a MAJOR recruiting problem to play in high school gyms against programs with no budget.

I support that statement.
You have SF, SMC, Gonzaga wanting to play for something big and the rest of these Cali Teams happy for a bone thrown their way with zero ambition and if you want to get right down to it, a perverse desire to put it to BYU bucause they know it, we know it and the world knows it…If BYU can move on to a bigger stage, it is a done deal.

Get us outta the Rec league.

Excluding Gonzaga, what are the benefits of playing in the WCC as opposed to the MWC. I just don’t see it. What is the feasibility of leading the effort to start a new conference? I know it’s kind of out there, but it has been done before. I’m curious about the proceed splits concerning a team that comes into the Marriott Center seating 10-20 thousand fans as opposed to some of these venues that seat 2K-maybe you know something about that. Economics plays a factor too in this day and age. I was wondering where the coaches and players were at last week while Pepperdine and San Diego were canceling games. We’re they sitting down in California? At least the Pacific game was canceled days ahead of time. I don’t really know the answer, because I don’t have the data, but I’d rather be playing teams like New Mexico in the Pit, then in a high school gym that sometimes is only half full.

apparently it will be more than two…Coach Mark Pope tweeted Monday night that BYU has a game now, and multiple sources tell Vanquish The Foe that the game is BYU at #1 Gonzaga Thursday in The Kennel.

Sources: BYU to Play at #1 Gonzaga Thursday in Place of Pacific - Vanquish The Foe

not sure how bad it will be on short notice…great prep for if the team goes dancing but how will it affect the opportunity to dance?

Time to cancel everyone but Gonzaga. Get out of California. They all forfeit and we get credited with wins. Pepperdine has a top player not able to play so they cancel. Nonsense! Did we cancel when Yolie couldn’t play last year?

Careful now, BYU has started two conferences (the Wac and the Mtn) then they bolted both of them. So, you have to look at the statement of starting a new conference from the eyes of others. We have some envious, bitter programs at what BYU has done in the past and they just don’t trust us, would you?

I agree that BYU would be better in the Mtn playing basketball but the Mtn would not take us back without our football team and that AIIN"T HAPPENIN!. So, outside of a P5 invite, BYU is STUCK with the WCC and Indy. It is what it is. My opinion only and you know what opinions are? Yep, we all have one.
Outside of our bubble this year, BYU was a story until we lost, then the CFP made dam sure that we were paired with another G5, as they did to every non P5 with exception to Cincy (oh and they lost) so they are justified in their scheme.

It wasn’t that long ago that BYU played SDSU in San DIego… the week before Christmas.

We can’t do anything to change what is happening here, it is a mess. But I have seen lots of games cancelled in other places too.

BYU is going to have a rough go of it but not having fans in the arena at Gonzaga will help them I hope.

True. It could help them. We will know where we stand and what this team can do. We will be rusty for not playing last week. I just think if it’s one player, then teams should be required to play. Like Pepperdine. If not, they forfeit and we get a victory.
Ya, I wonder if VC is counting deaths from flu and pneumonia as Covid19 related? 26 over the extended weekend is a bit much.

It’s assumptions Chris :+1: but the MWC has alienated BSU and maybe others, so who knows what tomorrow will bring-I’m just not assuming anything​:wink: