NCAA Women's 2018 Track and Field Story/ Alyssa Dalton 100 Meter Hurdles

I sent a post to talk about the 2018 NCAA Women’s Track and Field Competition. I couldn’t get the message onto this Board. So I am saying ESPN missed telling the television audience about BYU’s Alyssa Dalton who was running in the 100 meter Women’s Hurdles Semi-Finals with an ACL tear. She qualified at Regionals for the NCAA’s by finishing with a qualifying time in the West Regionals on a torn ACL. That Dalton went to the NCAA’s hoping to just finish the event with a known torn ACL, her third in seven years. Her goal was to just finish the event to end her BYU career, which she did with the torn ACL in 15+ seconds. This gutsy feat was not even mentioned by the ESPN telecast crew. To me it the story of the day on June 6, 2018.