Neon Deion--how fun would that be? HAHA in my dreams

Go find Deion Sanders’ “welcome talk” to the pathetic Colorado football team. He basically invites the entire team (that finished 1-11 and was worse than terrible) to enter the portal, and that it won’t bother him a bit since he’s “bringing his own luggage…and it’s Louis (Vitton).” As in he’s bringing his crew from Jackson State and several are Prime Time guys who signed with JSU 100% to play for Deion. He got 4 and 5 star guys to go play FCS! I am 1000% rooting for him to succeed.

I LOVE THAT HE NAMED HIS SON (WHO IS TRANSFERRING FROM JSU TO COLORADO) AS STARTING QB BEFORE THE KID IS EVEN ENROLLED. Deion said that he sees some people taking cracks at him on twitter for naming his kid as the QB…his response: “Have you seen Colorado’s passing stats?” HAHAHAHAHA. Takes brass ones to say the stuff that Deion says, but he’s been saying it for 25 years and backing it up 1000%.

He told the team that God told the AD to hire him and God sent him to take the job. And he meant it–he’s a devout Christian, family man, and dad.

PS Keep an eye on Prime Time’s son Shedeur–in two years he has completed 68% of his passes and thrown for 6600 yards, 66 TDs and only 14 picks. Similar numbers to Jaren Hall, and it will be fun to see how it translates from FCS to D1. I wouldn’t bet against him.

Ditto on Prime

Winners Win.
The end result is always in sight. It is a forgone conclusion that Deion will have Colo. on the winning side of things, I give him 2 years.