Net rankings haven't slipped much

So two losses in a row hasn’t affected our Net ranking too much:

I expected a loss to Baylor, but we looked better in a lot of areas in that game than we did against Cincinnati. The foul disparity against Baylor was egregious; Pope had a right to be upset. Fouss’s two missed free throws in the end resulting in easy fast break points by Baylor put it out of reach.

Still the season is young, hope springs eternal. I’m glad I have ESPN+ with Hulu. Looking forward to that first Big12 win. Still happy to be in the conference.

Great report!
The net is not going to slip anytime soon, those stats from the pre season padded by a ton of blow outs falsely show BYU to be elite. We are NOT, but BYU is very very good.

If BYU had a great Point and one good healthy big, BYU could challenge for the whole enchilada but we are don’t.

Reffing vs. Baylor was heinous but I game out one stat before the game…whoever wins the 3 point contest wins the game.
BYU 9-24
Baylor 10-23


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Lunardi has BYU as a 6 seed now. Baylor a 4, SDSU a 5, and Cincinnati on the bubble. Probably fair based on the last two games.

BYU basketball: Cougars can’t keep Baylor off the free-throw line in loss - Deseret News

Jaxson Robinson ended the half with a 3-point play to finish the first 20 minutes with 10 points, then didn’t score in the second half. He played more point guard than he has all season, with mixed results.

“I thought he was really good for being thrown in the fire after just one day of practice,” Pope said. “He got some reps at the (point) earlier in the season. I thought he responded well in a great environment on the road. He’s got the capability of really making a huge impact at the point as well as the two and the three.”

This shows me just how desperate pope is to find some kind of leadership out there. Personally I would not have Robinson bring the ball up, but Johnson. Robinson needs to be free for open looks as he is the most versitile scorer byu has.

I would not have put that stat in as my defining, game winning deal. Those numbers are negligible and virtually the same. Baylor won by 9, double digits without the gimme layup at the end, not by 2 or 3. The difference in the game was the foul and free throw disparity.

That was the ballgame.

I see what you did there…touche’ but as Corso would say, “Not so fast my friend”! FT’s were a big factor but one can also say:
The game was lost on 22 points Baylor scored off BYU’s 14 turnovers. Baylor had only 5 for the entire game.

It’s really cause and effect. When you turn the ball over 18 more times, you give guards like Baylor many more times the opportunities to get fouled. Coaches say protect the ball. And only getting 5 turnovers from Baylor, that’s sad.
You also mentioned Johnson’s step back shot that he mostly misses, he’s not going to get fouled on that. That’s most of our shots. We aren’t able to create fouls like an NBA bound guard can.
There are bad calls. But not enough to suggest all the refs hate The Church. That’s just bad logic. But I think I understand maybe why Jim is so anti-refs. When he played high school basketball, he was a slow moving player and didn’t get any love from the refs. :thinking:

Now you’re just chirpin again. You have a thing for Johnson when he is the #1 rated defender on the team and has made a living backing defenders in. Game in and out, Johnson takes on the toughest person to guard on the floor.

Now it Houdini could help out, we wouldn’t be having this discussion.

I wasn’t talking about his defense. I’m saying that we don’t shoot the way teams that get lots of fouls on us do. UCF has players that can drive and create the foul.
Johnson’s shooting in close is usually really bad. That 6 foot shot that he let go for 8 feet that never even touched the rim is what I’m talking about. We need him to start shooting better. Saturday would be perfect.

It was actually 9 times more, not 18. Here’s something to think about. How many of those turnovers could have been fouls on Baylor that weren’t called? I bet you it was more than a couple…

We should have played a little one on one back in the day. I’m willing to bet you wouldn’t have even scored on me. I’m pretty confident I would have shut you out.

Here you go again, obsessing over one bad shot. You forget that at one point in the game when Baylor was pulling away a bit, Johnson scored 5 points in a row to keep BYU close. I’m not the biggest Johnson lover or defender, I just tell it like it is.

BYU has those players too but they don’t get the calls. Saunders did it a couple of times and there were others as well. It’s a double standard, always has been and always will be.

None of the calls were fouls. They were bad passes or bad dribbling. I bet it wasn’t one.

Not a chance. Are you sure we may have played in a few church ballgames in the 80’s?
And, you played ball at Nerdoff.

It’s not just one shot during the games. Yes, he has moments. So does Waterman. So does Hall. And? You tell it as you see it and no one else can be right, right? Same thing you did to Floyd in a post today…I’d like to see Sanders start as well. Same with Adams.

Big 12 is to basketball what the SEC is to football.
I think it is safe to say that Big 12 basketball has a choke hold on who is the toughest scariest league to play in.
Scheduled games for 20240116 and - Customizable College Basketball Tempo Free Stats - T-Rank (

The top 3 rated games today…all Big 12

Notice Purdue, why down at 12 or so.

Too bad the AP and coaches’ polls don’t understand that concept.
USU leap frogs BYU with playing less talented teams than BYU, Go figure???

every stat site I can find shows that Non-conference USU played a solid, not spectacular but solid, schedule…BYU played a cupcake schedule…MWC is being picked to have more dance teams this year than any year since BYU Utah left…
Iff the Aggies lose unexpected games in the MWC they will drop quickly, B12 advantage is that BYUs losses will not mean so much…goodbye WCC;)

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