Nevada at BYU for the win

Nevada comes to town as a red hot shooting team. They have shot over 50% from 3land in the last 2 games. They are not a tall team but they can really rebound. Nevada is also a very old team, full of seniors, as is BYU
They have not played a very tough schedule.

Keys to the game.
1 Guard 6’5 Harris, their go-to guy.
2 Do not let Nevada get open looks at 3…especially 5’10 Johnson, the point.
3 BYU really needs to go to the hoop and draw fouls, We rank in the bottom 5% at getting to the FT line. And BYU really needs to develop another PG. As it goes, if Haws plays well, BYU wins. In all of our loses this year, Haws has played poorly.

73% chance of a BYU victory.

Thanks for the information. If BYU can focus for 40 minutes we will win by 20.

Is this where our guards get into sloppy turnovers? Just play smart.

Agree… less turnovers equals more wins. I’m concerned though that Haws seems out of sorts. He’s good and driving the paint but has been missing in actions. What he did do last game was make 7 assists and although he didn’t shoot much he was accurate whan he did.

It comes from recruiting 3 point specialists. Toolson is our best hybrid type along with Harding. Can BYU recruit and develop kids that play inside, rough and tumble ball. As it is, You rarely get any fouls called your way if you are outside shooting 3s. You never get the other team in foul trouble shooting outside.
This Nevada team started the year ranked #155 and has climbed steadily to # 69. BYU started the year ranked #68 and kind of stayed around there until Childs could play, now they are ranked closer to #40. These next two games are important resume fillers. We will see.

Turnovers will decide both games. We lost to Utah because of 20 turnovers that lead to layups.

This will be a tight game and whoever guards the 3 best wins.

Nevada will not have an answer for Childs.

BYU gets this win going away. I expect a really good defensive effort although they need to cover for Haws on the defensive end which is tough

Childs May have the cramping issues if it’s all Childs again. I hope we move the ball well and shoot open shots. But not at the buzzer all the time. Our defense will be important although with basketball, offense wins games. So says Bill Walton.

Not so pretty 1st half to both teams. Except BYU was hitting 3’s far better than Nevada. No points for Yoeli and TJ is doing well with shooting. At least BYU leading 12 points.
2nd Half should be better, you think.

Must be the same UNLV team we are playing tonight. Nevada decided not to play tonight.
Harding & Lee are doing well tonight.

We are learning how to defend the three. Byu kept jones from hitting at three until the very end of the game. Marcello guarded Harris most of the game completely took him out of his game
This is another quality one for Byu. Helps the resume because Nevada will be making some noise in the mountain west

Excellent defensive effort -so far this team is playing so much better than they have in years and I expect they will get better year by year. Who wouldn’t want to play for Mark Pope

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I would like to see some of the bench warmers get more playing time in blowouts. Develop these players by getting them in the game. You know, like how Rose would develop players by getting them playing time. Oh, wait? Rose didn’t do that and the know-it-alls in here wanted Rose’s Head. Are they going to want Pope’s head too?

USU is a much better team. We will see where we are at Saturday. Two big wins my margins that no one was thinking could be done.

Nevada has no choice but to shoot while being contested. BYU defense did a very good job contesting shots. Hopefully we can do this to USU Saturday.

The thing I like about the team is that “No one person” is the key… Haws, Barcello, Childs, Toolson can go off on points at any given time. This makes it harder for the other team to focus on one or two players.

Add to that Pope has instilled a pretty good defensive scheme, and when the players get fully comfortable with it. I think we may end up league champions

Keys to the win.

1- Defense was the key to the game! How is it that Yo is scoreless in the 1st and we lead by 14? While the commentators marveled all night at BYU’s closing out and contesting every shot. Jazz Johnson went 0 for 7 from 3 with Haws guarding him. Nixon and Childs locked down the inside with 5 and 4 blocks. Barcello knee capped Harris to 0 makes from outside and well under his average.

That’s the spirit! Send good vibrations to the team. Well done!