Nevada, Keys to the win

1- Defense was the key to the game! How is it that Yo is scoreless in the 1st and we lead by 14? While the commentators marveled all night at BYU’s closing out and contesting every shot. Jazz Johnson went 0 for 7 from 3 with Haws guarding him. Nixon and Childs locked down the inside with key blocks. Barcello knee capped Harris to 0 makes from outside and well under his average. Best defensive effort in decades.

2-BYU did not shoot the 3 well (12-37) but they hit big shots when we needed them. Haws and Barcello hit monster shots, game killers.

3-As Haws goes, so does BYU. Haws, despite going 3-9 from 3 played his best defensive and assist game.

4- BYU had 17 assists to Nevada’s pathetic 5

5- BYU had dominating rebounding advantage of 49-37 over Nevada and a whooping 11 O rebounds. 1st time all year BYU has out rebounded an opponent, I think.

6- there is some bad news. Childs missed 6 Free throws and Seljaas had 0 points to go with 1 rebound for the game (Must be fighting the flu)
Our 3s were well below average and as big of a win over a good Nevada team, BYU would probably lose to USU, just saying.

We have won or been close to other teams in rebounding several times. This was a good effort in offensive rebounds. Holding Nevada to 26% shooting you would expect a lot of defensive rebounds.
I saw the help defense and return to man at its best. There were spots where we would double team and confuse players.
Looked like Childs lost a contact again the way his shots were off. Not just short or long but left. Especially his free throws. Elbow flinging out. Not worried. He will score in bunches against USU.
USU is supposed to be really good. If we play defense like this and shoot at 40% from 3’s we will blow them out as well.