New 2017 Information

Yeah, looking at these numbers too, I have changed my mind, Detmer deserved to be fired. These are terrible numbers. BYU 2017 defensive numbers: The Cougars were No. 81 in takeaways (17). As a whole, BYU finished No. 51 in total defense (372.8 ypg), No. 83 in third down conversion defense (.406), No. 44 in rushing defense (147.6 ypg), No. 67 in passing yards allowed (225.2 ypg), No. 63 in red zone defense (.830), No. 105 in pass efficiency defense (141.62) and No. 115 in team sacks (1.31 per game).

Oh wait, Ty wasn’t the DC. And who was let go on the D staff, oh yeah, it was Kafusi. Not Sitake’s pal the defensive coordinator. Hmmmmmmmmm. Now that I have had more time to think about it, if I was Detmer, I would be so relieved to be out of the train wreck that is BYU football. If he wants, Ty can get an assistant job in the NFL making much more money.

Yep, I agree about the defense and if it was feasible to fire both coordinators we should have done it. Unfortunately the offense was worse than the defense and Sitake couldn’t blow up the entire staff. The pressure is on the DC though and Sitake may be the one coach who can save the defense … but he is a fish out of water on offense. So, the OC is canned!

Did someone say fish? Hahahahha

I have a different take on the D…They would have good numbers if our offense did not go 3 and outs and gas them.
I think they ranked 51, right and that was after they had to spend about double the time on the field then they should have. I will say that we sucked at getting interceptions and turnovers after we just about lead the nation with Nacua the year before.

I listened to Norm Chow about Detmer. He just said that Detmer for whatever reason has a brilliant OC mind but for some reason could not get that to translate into the players minds and do it in a timely fashion.

So Detmer screwed up the D too. Is there ANYTHING Detmer did not screw up. Wow, to be an OC and screw up the O and the D. You know I bet Detmer intentionally injured all the QBs, other offensive players and even some of the guys lost on D to injury. Maybe Detmer was a plant for the P5 conferences to wreck BYU football.

If I was Ty, the way he has been scapegoated and screwed, over a lousy ONE YEAR losing season, I would send a message to the BOT and to the president of BYU - don’t ever contact me again for any reason whatsoever and stop touting me as a past player.

I get this an emotional thing for you, but Ty was bad at his job. Stick to the arguments from emotion and you’ll be more convincing than a numerical argument that just isn’t there.

I understand you guys hate Ty, although I wonder where you were not spouting off last spring and summer.

Come on man. I love Ty. He’s such a good person, how could you not? I was just as excited as anyone else when he was hired. And you can’t blame a guy after just one season. I sincerely hope he lands on his feet and does something that makes him happy.

I had intended to stir up the pot (as previously on occasion) before I called it quits but just don’t have my heart in it so will just back away completely. If anyone can recover very nicely after being screwed and treated s__tty by Holmoe and Sitake it is Ty. He is a big boy and can certainly take care of himself. I did not then, nor do I now dispute BYU’s right to fire Roger Reid but in my opinion that was done in a very un-Christian and s__tty way. As my own personal response, I have NEVER ever watched in person, tv or video nor listened to a BYU BB game since and I do not pay any attention to their plays, players or scores.

I really thought Holmoe and Sitake had good Christian values and character. Until now I have never complained about Holmoe, either publicly or privately. When Sitake was hired, I thought and believed that he was a good coach but also a man of class. I no longer believe in either man. I have had discontent with BYU football, for mostly coaching issues, . since the 2011 season. That and this s__tty action of firing Ty after one season as a scapegoat maneuver and to save tHolmoe’s and Sitake’s own asses has just put me off BYU, the athletics program and the FB program . So I am done with Cougarfan and BYU athletics. Certainly no big deal to the institution (not even a blip on their radar) nor anyone else and I have no need for that anyway. Just as an individual, I am done and plan to move on to other things in my retirement, which I have already begun. I sincerely wish everyone of you well and adios amigos.