New College Football P5 Conference Alliance

Interesting article worth reading:

My take-aways are based on this quote from the article on this new alliance:

"…its purpose is to focus on NCAA governance, student-athlete welfare and ensuring the collegiate model continues. It will also include a “scheduling component for football and … basketball designed to create new inter-conference games, enhance opportunities for student-athletes and optimize the college athletics experience for both student-athletes and fans across the country.”

The three conferences also plan to get on the same page regarding future College Football Playoff expansion and other major topics including the reshaping of college athletes as a whole…The scheduling alliance will begin as soon as practical while honoring current contractual obligations,"

It seems to me these three P5 conferences don’t want the SEC and ESPN to hold all the cards in college sports. While at present the focus is on scheduling, it seems obvious that

  1. The Big 12 conference is being left out intentionally because without Texas and Oklahoma, it is no longer relevant.
  2. This is just the beginning of a power struggle that may or may not include conference expansions and realignments
  3. The word not mentioned, but what this is really all about is MONEY, who gets it and who doesn’t. We will have to wait to see if BYU gets an invite to the P5 (4?) dance or gets passed over like those who never get asked out but long to attend… Thoughts anyone?

I’m starting to watch more NFL as these premadonnas in College wreck it


I agree with almost all that you said above. It is what you did not say that I find interesting.
Yes, I agree that Big 12 will go the way of the Big East.

The other big picture is the SEC. With the new P4, (P5 minus Big 12), the ACC, PAC 12, and Big 10,
combine their strengths against the sole dynasty power Conference SEC. They have to to survive.

Pac 12 will take TCU, Tex Tec and Baylor. The remaining 3 will become G5 teams. With the said 3 going to the Pac 12, 13,14, 15. The Pac 12/13/1415 will need one more team to round off their 16 needed teams. Will BYU cut it?

With the new pressure, the would be BYU haters, if any, would have to put their differences aside, or lose the best team to someone else. (SEC?) (Opinion only)

Take a minute to read this article and see if you still think the PAC 12 wants to expand:

I would be STUNNED if the PAC 12’s denial of interest in expansion would someday, not only be reversed, but include adding BYU into their stable of conference members. My worry is that BYU will get an offer from the fading Big 12 conference and accept it.

Your worry has come to fruition. Big 12 is looking hard at inviting BYU.