New signee from California today

Does anyone know about this signee today? He is a D-tackle from California. There is also another guy, a wide receiver that happened later yesterday. Also I would like to know about the walk-ons. What is the rule about coaches not being able to talk about walk-ons. Anyone know who the new walk-ons are?

One more thought, there is a lot of talk about Bronco. He is gone, let him be gone. Personally I was a little upset by how he left. Abracadabra, poof, gone

Wish I knew. About BM: do NOT wish him ill, just don’t care one way or another. I too did not like the manner of his exit.

I knew there would be few more days for NLI but didn’t know the signing period between Feb 3 - April 1. But no info about new addition on late signing.

And for Bronco, why continue with him which I agree with you Jeff. I am done with him and all others who went along with him. Well, I was really glad to see Rober Anae went with him.

As for Taysom Hill, we might get to know what he will do within two weeks to what one article said.

WR who signed late yesterday is Mack Richards from somewhere in Utah. Signed with UH before his mission. I’m surprised he got a schollie. DL who signed late yesterday is named Kainoa Fuiava from Warren HS in Downey, CA. Here is his MaxPreps page and highlights: . He’s listed at 6’5" 295 but on just a quick glance I don’t see him being heavily recruited by anyone. But on film he looks big, fast, violent, and smart. On one play (0:57) he bull rushes RT #79 and just knocks him outta the way, then you can see the tackle say to himself, “ok, he’s not doing that again!,” and the next play (1:07), the second the RT drops his head and eyes, Fuiava does a rip move and has a clear path while #79 looks up and wonders where he went. Good hands and feet for a kid that big. will be interesting to see why no one was talking about him. I’ll see what I can find out?

Detmer was talking about one of the 2 star OL recruits that signed (Barrington or Gentry?). The guy flew under the radar because a lot of the evaluations happen during the junior year of a player. Guys who are late bloomers may have a great senior year but nobody knows about them. That’s what happened with this recruit. He grew a ton and dominated his senior year but wasn’t heavily recruited.

I really hope Taysom stays, plays, and has a monster year and Magnum gets some back-up time and matures even more and then plays a couple of amazing seasons himself.

That is the plan that I am hoping for that TH sticks around with injury free season :ok_hand:

When I’m in Utah, I attend Taysom’s ward. I ran into him in the men’s room and asked how the lisfranc was healing. He was hardly showing any limp. He said it was healing up well.I was tempted to ask about his future plans but then realized it was probably in poor taste to badger him at church of all places.

I noticed that you had already talked about Kainoa after I made a new post about him…My mistake.

This kid is a true head scratcher for me. Just looking at his highlight roll, Kainoa will hurt you and the coach used him everywhere along the Dline as well as the Oline. One minute he plays the roll of the “Frig”, running in a TD, the next, he is stuffing the middle or bull rushing from the DE with an emphasis on BULL.

I heard he had tears of joy when the BYU offer finally came through. Just the kind of kid BYU needs. I also think that with Fuiava’s signing, BYU passed Utah on who had the better recruiting class.

I asked my guy why a player with his body wasn’t recruited by half the PAC12. He just said he’s “more of a project” and left it at that. I didn’t press; could be academics, experience, technique, late bloomer, who knows. But he is 6’5"/295 with good strength and agility, and he jumped and cried for joy when he got his offer, so I’m his new biggest fan.

“more of a project”?

Wow, if I were a football coach, that is the kind of “project” I would want to have. The guy was obliterating everything in his path, pushing guys down with his hands and basically wrecking the other team. The other thing of note is the size of the guys he was going against. At 6’5" and 300 he didn’t look that much bigger than most of the guys he was against. I thought his agility was great for a kid that size. Sounds like a perfect fit for BYU, excited to be there and all.