New signing is a 4-star

Elijah Crawford has signed for basketball
BYU basketball: 4-star PG Elijah Crawford commits to Cougars – Deseret News

Just saw that. Great addition. Getting 4 star athletes to play for a 5 star NBA coach is exciting for the future of BYU Basketball. Need another big, power forward who can shoot outside too and a couple more seasoned 3 point shooting guards. We have 4 more scholarships to hand out.

And so Byu went out in a bidding war with Kansas for Elijah‘s services. Man, is that a big sigh of relief.
Now we need to get one more big guy and some Cy inside out players

Dallin Hall is going to make a great backup point guard.

I don’t think so. The freshman will learn and work his way into playing time. This team may be the deepest ever once the other scholarships are filled. As long as Baker can stay healthy, look out.

how does demin fit into this scheme for you?
Big guy? Inside out?

Marcus Adams Jr…type player only with better skills and potential?

How is this?

ESPN Sources with @Draftexpress: Real Madrid’s Egor Demin — a projected 2025 NBA Draft lottery pick — has committed to BYU and coach Kevin Young for the 2024-‘25 season. Demin’s a highly skilled 6-9 Russian guard who’ll arrive as one of most talented recruits in program history.

Russian Star Egor Demin Commits to BYU (

Its over…we got him!!!

Ya, that’s what I posted. Now, can we get Robinson back? With his shooting and scoring ability, the team could compete for a national championship. Okay Jim, chime in with the kool-aide reminder :grin:

Egor is a ready NBA player…He can be a 6’9 point in the NBA. His only area that needs work is his 3 pt shot. There are guys in the NBA with his same skill set making 30 Mil per year that don’t have an outside shot.

To answer your question: Egor played a 2 or 3 for Real Madrid. Shooting guard or Small forward.

Two things jump out at me. 1 like I said, Egor is Elite on the dribble/drive find the open shooter so guys like Knell will become weapons again (Think Docic or Kyrie driving and kicking out to an open shooter and they are one game awary from a NBA finals)

2 try stopping a 6’9 dribbler at the rim, you’re going to end up fouling him.

Former BYU star and second-round NBA pick Travis Hansen, who played in the EuroLeague with Real Madrid and in Moscow, knows Demin and has had contact with his family.

Hansen says BYU has been working on Demin for weeks, if not months, and the addition is big-time.

“Egor is the best Russian player since Andrei Kirilenko,” Hansen said. “He has the size, skills, character and IQ to be a lottery pick.”
BYU basketball: Former players chime in about Egor Demin commit – Deseret News

more from Hansen:
“Egor’s parents both played basketball,” he continued. “They understand it on a high, high level. We spoke many times with Egor and his parents. It came down to a team effort but mainly Kevin Young’s presentation to Egor (I was there) and his reputation around the NBA won Egor and his family over.

When I saw Travis Hansen, I queried, “Speaking Russian, Did Hansen have anything to do with Egor’s recruitment.”. The rest of the story…
Since Pope left, Mark Pope➡️Kevin Young Collin Chandler➡️Egor Demin Atiki Ally Atiki➡️Keba Keita (!) Spencer Johnson➡️Brody Kozlowski Added Elijah Crawford Retained Dallin Hall and Richie Saunders This might be the best a team has EVER handled getting their HC poached.

Certainly outside the realm of the bluebloods I doubt any other can come close.