New year's 6 watch. what needs to happen for a BYU invite

College football Week 13 winners and losers: How conference championship week will impact playoff picture (

So far OK State beating Ok helps
Tx A&M losing helps

BYU’s only chances come down to Utah beating Oregon in the P12 championship game and Baylor losing to a Ok State, who then becomes the 4th team in the playoff, jumping over a 2 loss Alabama, and Michigan beatiing Iowa.

Then you have to pray the P5’s lose their ever loving minds and give up millions to let BYU play in the Fiesta…hahahahahaha, not happenin. It was always the $$$$. Why did they set up the BCS…CFPO in the first place or should I call it the “BYU should of won the NT in the first place”.

It was always stacked
Bowl projections: Michigan, Oklahoma State enter College Football Playoff with Alabama on outside looking in -

So, why would they give up millions for Notre Dame and Cincinnati? Are you suggesting the people in charge of deciding who is ranked are conspiring to commit fraud and racketeering?