News in the off season

Jim, this is for you

and now we know

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Loved the Dastrup early years… but as we saw this past season it isn’t too far from PD the current years too.

As for the other video, I found it pretty disturbing as to how quick everyone was to protect that piece of crap in the orange jump suit. Unfortunately, that is the society we live in today. We are so concerned about protecting pieces of crap and making sure they get a “fair trial” while at the same time allowing those same pieces of crap to perpetrate their crimes for years before anything is done about it.


On another sad note, did some of you hear about this?

The grandfather is a friend I grew up with. He flew the presidential helicopter for many years, good man. His Dad (the great grandpa, is in my ward) and delivered our first son 26 years ago. It brought tears to my eyes when I heard about it.

It was so heart breaking & I don’t know how to put words together what those young couples going through.
The truck driver who did this had so many criminal history and he continue to do stupid behavior.

Did anyone read this today?

Some points…
Emery, who knows at this point.
Rose states that he is in the process of putting a Very Tough schedule together for next season.
States that the team is together and working their butts off. And is exited to finally have a veteran team to work with.

The NCAA invites, or lack thereof for SMC, seems to have made a difference for BYU. And the PAC12 lack of invites also sent a message. So for the first time in the WCC era the bball team might have a good OoC schedule.

and then if,
the two incoming top 100 players can make a difference,
and imo if PD gets playing time,
then BYU will finally get back to the big dance.

blue goggle, I know, but if you can’t blue goggle early off season when can you?

Now is the best time to “blue goggle” so go for it. Most everyone here will forget what you said by the time basketball season rolls around in 7 or 8 months.

I would love it if it would happen at least somewhat close to what is blue goggled around here sometimes. It never does… because my blue goggling stops after the first few games of the season.