Newton, Who's crying now

I am sure that many of you were rooting for Payton Manning and the Broncos but thought that the Newton train was going to roll all over them…I know I did. I had hoped that Denver’s defense could pressure Newton but I could not have dreamed a better outcome.

Newton, the overexposed face of the new NFL, the guy that we were all sick of wayyy before the Super Bowl was ever played got worked. I said before half time that he would probably come out saying that he was sick and needed IVs throughout the game. Cam and Johnny Manzel have ruined the game with their coddled “ALL ABOUT ME” attitudes.

These guys could learn a thing or two by studying a truly humble champion like Payton Manning. So happy for him and how he worked to come back after losing his starter role and to go out as SUPER BOWL CHAMPS.

I hope he retires while he is the king of the world. All the best to his entire family, you earned it buddy

Several years ago there were rumors that Newton’s dad was trying to sell him to the highest bidder before he went to Auburn. This came out after he won the Heisman and Auburn won the national championship. Nothing ever came of the story but I would be inclined to believe it. Big time college sports is dirty and anybody who thinks otherwise is naive. Newton, Manziel, and Jameis Winston are a blight on the game. I would bet they are typical of the star athlete and this is why BYU will probably never compete for a national championship in football. The typical 5 star athlete wants nothing to do with BYU. Even the 5 star LDS athletes typically aren’t interested in BYU.

I was pulling for Denver as well. I hope Manning retires. I think he is done as a top flight QB. The defense won the game for Denver and Peyton managed the game well and didn’t lose it for Denver. In fact he was a game manager this season and that was good enough.

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Did not really watch the game but definately have a smile on my face. I really don’t care about the pro game, either football or basketball. I love the college game though. I am starting to really like BYU rugby, which is a great example of “team play”, not a lot of hero ball in rugby. Ego’s seem to be run a muck in todays sports world. Its all about me, aren’t I great!

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The volleyball team is doing really well because of team play. I’m enjoying those games…

During the national anthem they showed 3 consecutive images that were so telling that I hit rewind and showed it to my wife: 1) A serviceman: square jawed and saluting the flag; 2) Payton Manning: shoulders square, eyes up, hand over heart (we noticed his teammate next to him was doing the same); 3) Cam Newton: head covered (I guess nobody taught him about national anthem etiquette), stretching, looking around, bouncing side to side. This montage of images was telling: persons 1 and 2 showed gratitude and respect. Person 3 looked annoyed that he had to sit through some stupid song before he could go be the star and win his MVP trophy. They say it’s hard to be humble and grateful when you make millions to play a game–Cam certainly perpetuated the stereotype.

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$80k–that at least the media could identify–from an Auburn booster to Newton’s dad in exchange for Cam going to Auburn instead of Texas A&M… If I recall, the NCAA’s crack investigation claimed that Auburn’s HC and AD never knew about it so no harm no foul. I’m sure that the millions of dollars the NCAA would subsequently make off of Cam had no bearing on the decision to sweep the whole thing under the rug.

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I can understand substantiated slamming of Cam. Yesterday walking off the interview area was inexcusable, no matter what the circumstances were. He has also made other comments that were questionable. But the piling on today here but especially in the regular media and social media is a bit much. Produce solid EVIDENCE that he was bought and paid for by Auburn. Is it possible that he or his dad was paid to attend Auburn, yes but is there any evidence? How would any of us like to be dogged by innuendo? I have had a bit of it and did not like it. The conflict and nastiness between BYU and Utah is over the top but absolutely nothing between the hate and dirty tricks between Auburn and Bama and we don’t know how Bama employees and fans plus other SEC rivals impacts these rumors. It sure is horrible, awful and catastrophic that he is exuberant in his success. Yes, he certainly can learn how to be gracious in defeat but come on, how many tons of criticism is enough?

really Roy? You should post happy faces at the start and end of that rant so that we know that it was all in jest.

As I said, I was sick and tired of the Newton Train well before kick off and being out here in the West, we did not have to sit through game after game that the Panthers won, thank goodness. I can list many superstars that were humble and genuine. Newton sealed the deal when he got up and walked out on the media after the game like a little cry baby. The piling on is well deserved.

Newton is the real deal and he will be around for many years to do some special things so hopefully he will learn from his mistakes.

Not in jest at all. One thing to be sick of a particular thing, another to keep on and on and on. Not really talking about this board but I must have seen 30-35 (out of the small amount of posts I saw) Facebook posts just nuking Cam about every little thing. Again, any FACTual EVIDENCE of he or his family being paid to attend Auburn? No happy faces. And my “rant” was mild to some on here I have read.

fair enough.

Hope he learns from it

Now you know a little how I feel when I ask for proof on a conspiracy :slight_smile:
With Auburn, all schools have bad apples in them. BYU got rid of a really bad apple recently. And I’m sure we have our egg head boosters too.

who is the bad egg you refer to?

I said I’m sure we do. Not that I know for sure who it is.

who is the bad apple you are referring to when you say we got rid of a bad apple?

The director of football. Don’t remember his name now.