Next Weeks Wagner Schedule Buster

Ok a good win against Cincinnati-I’m not sure we were as great as some of the media is making it out to be, but a win is a win. Now the schedule buster against Wagner is coming up and I guess the only positive I can say about this game is rest your players that have been ailing and play Hoge the entire game and let him get some experience or maybe get Detmer some playing time. None of this playing Mangum a half and then letting your 2nd and 3rd string qbs hand the ball off the second half. This is the only positive this game has-it’s like a bye-but give the inexperienced players a lot of playing time. It’s not time to shoot up the hamstring-let it rest!

Well, I think it’s better to pound them in the first half and then cruise. Do it your way and Wagner just might match up with our second and third stringers. Losing to them or not blowing them out would be a mistake.

I agree if I thought they could even compete with BYU’s second string players, but reviewing what Wagner has done this year not even winning a game against lower level competition I don’t see any way they wouldn’t get blown out. But if you want to feel extremely safe, play Hoge and the first string the first half, but rest Tanner the complete game.


Wagner wouldn’t match up with the BYU JV team if they had one. Do some research if you don’t know what you are talking about before posting something ridiculous.

BYU could spot Wagner 4 touchdowns and they would still blow them out.

Wagner is 0-6 and the only other D-1 team they played was Rice, whom they lost a close one to, 56-16. I won’t humor you with who Rice has lost to…

This game will be over in the first quarter whether they use Mangum or Hoge or Detmer…

You guys are all wimps. Our players are gritty. Gritty I said! :grin: Grrrrrrr!

Sr B.

I agree with you. Anytime we play a FCS team, it is a losing proposition. We are either the Giant
that Daniel kills or we are the monster brute that terrorizes the underlines.

It is a lose/lose proposition. If we don’t slaughter them 59-0 we are losers ourselves. we are
over rated. (not all that great!)

If we do slaughter them 59-0, we are blowing our own horn over nothing pretending to be great.
We can’t win in the eyes of the public on National TV playing a FCS team.

Our SOS goes way down needlessly. Our respect goes way down needlessly.
Playing FCS teams in the future must be avoided.

If having an empty stadium during that game and having terrible TV ratings during that game is what it takes to bring about the program change for future seasons, than so be it. It would be much better to make the program change without going through all that pain,

I’m teaching old testament in seminary this year and though I haven’t gotten to this story yet, I was wondering if there was a giant in the den with the lions and Daniel… :wink:

Just a bit cocky.

Daniel could swing a mean rock.

So after all of Gavenman’s nonsense about being careful about the Wagner game and not taking them lightly or whatever…

What are your final score predictions? How many points will BYU score and will they pitch a shutout or will Wagner score?

I’ll go with 63-7.

And I’ll add that they can do that with the second team if they want to.

My guess is 52-0. I don’t see Wagner scoring unless Idaho State shows up instead of BYU.

I am perfectly OK with the first stringers getting in some practice, working on a few plays and execution issues before turning it over to back ups.

If we were in the SEC we would play 2-3 of these games each year and give the first team a lot of work. Good thing we know how to do things so much better than the terrible SEC teams.

Of course we got this game as a result of getting the series with Mizzou. Sometimes stuff happens.

I was told today that Mangum looked good and felt good this week and is ready to go. I think we see our starters for a half and then they are done. 56-0 if Bronco hits the breaks, and 70-0 if he doesn’t care. Maybe 63-7 if Bronco really empties the bench. This is literally the worst FCS team–they just got beat BAD by Columbia, who hadn’t won a game in 3 years or something like that.

On any given day. Utah State destroys Boise. Then, tonight San Diego kills Utah State. I say 38 - 21

Ah Grasshopper-maybe on any given day-but not this given day-BYU+50-What a disappointment for USU they must have thought their season was done last week

How will BSU- Utah State have a rematch? Aren’t they both min the same division?

i believe you are right-they are in the same division