NFL Draft... good news

I see that Fred Warner is now a Forty Niner.

I actually like the sound of that. It almost rhymes.

Happy to be a 49er fan, even if the Rams are back in LA.

Because I originally came from the east I kinda wished he was drafted by Buffalo.
I think the Bills are on the way up again. The 49er’s have Fred Warner as a backup to a guy in legal trouble. But I wish Fred all the luck in the world. He deserves to make it in the NFL.

I am happy he is a 49ers and my former home (Marin County north of GS Bridge). So when this 49ers going to turn around? Wish him luck.

Up and coming organization after a few years of problems!

Related, a local Portland player (Dallin Leavitt) and from my home ward, signed a deal for a chance to make the Oakland Raiders. Dallin played at BYU for two years then transferred to USU where he finished his career there. Some of you might remember Dallin from his time as a Cougar. Great kid.

Yes, I remember him. Played against BYU this last year. Hard-nosed aggressive player. I wish him well