Nice article about Hall

Minnesota Vikings love QB Jaren Hall for what he doesn’t do - ESPN - Minnesota Vikings Blog- ESPN

And it gives you a glimpse into how Kalani Sitake thinks about throwing people under the bus (i.e. never dissing on Tuiaki).

I didn’t read anything on Sitaki in the article. Sounds more like Hall pays attention to Gospel lessons. He keeps his pride in check. The correct pride that doesn’t include narcissism.

Apparently, you missed this point in the article:

"But he credited BYU coach Kalani Sitake for instilling a basic tenet that served him well in that instance: Never sell out a teammate.

“It’s just a team thing,” Hall said. “You take care of each other and look out for each other, and anybody else on our team would have done the same thing. You don’t throw each other under the bus, because if you make a mistake, you hope no one does it to you. You figure it out in the film study, but you never present that anywhere else.”

I read it.
Hall is a mature leader who has impressed me. After his 2nd concussion, I remember his father and others encouraging to change to baseball (if memory serves) saying that he had a pro career. A no point during his football years did I think he would be a ligit NFL QB until midway in his last season. So Kudos to Hall, his maturity and his deep seated beliefs that we are all brothers and that he treats people in a Christ like manner.

Kudos to Sitake for his mentorship as well. Go Cougs, Excited for the Big 12 baptism.