Nice pick up for BYU

BYU football: 4-star TE Ryner Swanson commits to BYU over Oregon, Texas - Deseret News

4-star TE Ryner Swanson.

Along with Jackson Bowers another 4-Star we will have some strong TE’s for the future.

Along the same lines, we did pick up another QB (Enoch Watson) and safety (Thomas Prassas).

Until they transfer after their freshman year. Or during it.

It’s hard to get excited about recruiting when every year is going to look completely different with mercenaries who transfer in and out.

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It might be a good idea to utilize those 4 star tight ends a little more often…


If we don’t utilize the TE more often they will hit the portal after a year or 2.

100% agree, use it or lose it

Sure feels like some boosters are opening up thier pockets