Nice to see Utah get blasted

Utah get a beat down from the Shockers of WSU. The coach was screaming but had nothing to whine about as Utah shot way more free throws, but had a ton of turnovers and just didn’t play well at all.

It was just nice to see Utah get a beat down… the game wasn’t close.

Looks like my comments are coming back to bite me…

BYU getting blown out in Colorado.

Is anybody watching the game? I am only listening to it on the radio and it doesn’t sound good.

Getting down big early in the second half was a killer.

Apparently Seljaas has earned more playing time, but will he get it? Fischer once again fails to show up in a big game… Emery needs to team up with Seljaas and get the young guys on the floor if the experienced guys can’t get it going.

These kinds of games don’t help BYU with their ncaa tourney resume…


listening to him on the radio talking to Wrubell is pretty bad. No accountability, complete denial about some of the issues with the team, talking about Fisher and how he’s so great and he will just keep on shooting whether he is scoring or not (that happened in the game but he talked about it as a future game plan) and just overall not owning up to anything that needs work. Way to much denial and cockiness for a guy that looks real good sometimes and really bad sometimes.

He is the leader of the team… and delusional.

Fischer being himself. Only, unlike the Utah game, he was unable to heat up in the second half. Real frustrating.

I agree with you on the KC attitude. Rose will not get this team to the NCAA’s if KC is the point guard. He is a 3 not a PG. KC’s To/assist ratio is about 1.5 or a little below for his career. The highest he has ever been is right now at a 2 ratio. As the season goes on he will go back down on that ratio. Passing and ball handling skills are an issue with KC. He would still stuff the stat sheet at the 3. I don’t understand why Rose is so reluctant to play these talented freshman now. Chatman, Seljaas, Calvert, Hartsock and Shaw all need to get consistent minutes at this stage of the season. Maybe they only get 10 to 12 minutes, but they need to get some. When it comes down to games that matter, these young kids will either be ready to save the day or they will be lacking confidence from a lack of playing time. Fisher will not be able to consistently pull this team through tough games. He isn’t tall enough, quick enough or consistent enough to handle two or three highly competitive games in a row.

I am not going to hammer on Utah. Their fb and bb teams both play talented freshman and BYU doesn’t. Is it any reason that they win the recruiting wars inside Utah now? I hope that Utah wins every game, now that they beat us. Bronco will show us what he is worth as a coach in his last game. If he can’t game plan to keep the game close, even if we don’t win… he absolutely made the right call to take the UVA job. My opinion is that he got out of Provo just in time for next season when he and Anae would more than likely have had a losing record and not be candidates for any job except for Div II. Bronco isn’t dumb, but he is stubborn. He could see the handwriting on the wall. Navy will be sad to replace their coach, but we will get an upgrade when it is announced tomorrow!

If the coach wants to call out specific players that’s okay. But, to suggest a player attack another player in the media is not the right thing to do. What KC did is just fine. Those questions should go to the coach.

Did you listen to the post game interviews?

I would guess the answer is no… I would hope the answer is no. Because, if the answer is yes then you are as delusional as KC is. I never suggested or intimated that a player should “attack” another player in the media. In fact, KC did the complete opposite by suggesting that Fischer will continue to fire away until he starts making shots. It seems apparent, and those who listened agree, that KC thinks the seniors must carry this team. I say that is bogus. It is obvious that there are several talented freshmen and underclassmen that already do and could contribute significantly.

It is time for the seniors to be leaders and allow that to happen if it is best for the team. I’m sorry, but Fischer hucking up 9 3’s and not making one and KC going 6-18 isn’t helping the team win games.

So no… what KC did, both during the game and afterward in the post game interview is NOT fine.

It’s not okay for KC to call out Fischer. That will just shoot down morale and cause unnecessary turmoil. I stand by my comment.

Jim H: I have not gotten into much of the BYU Men’s basketball yet this year. I would say that the football coaching situation is taking it all up for me. There are apparently a lot of questions about the BYU Men’s basketball team. Somebody called this situation like hardening jello. We shall see. I have also been very interested in watching the BYU Women’s volleyball team. They are something else. What is it, four straight sweet sixteens.

He doesn’t have to “call him out” but a little bit of humility and honesty goes a long way to helping the team overall.

Did you hear the interview?

Your responses lead me to believe you did not.

He’s humble enough. He has to stay positive and he has a coach already. He doesn’t need us to coach him :slight_smile: relax! Rose will figure it out in time

He’ll figure it out in time… after half the team is gone. If I was a second teamer with skills and I had to sit and watch Chase Fischer go 0-9 from 3 point range while my team lost and there was nothing I could do about it…

I would announce my transfer too.

Your comment that Rose will figure it out in time leaves nobody accountable. When is that time? The team is approaching the midpoint of the season, more than a third of the way now.

They have not performed in any game against a good team…

Chase Fitcher should of been benched early last year IMO!

That’s up to Rose behind closed doors. Not at a press conference. I agree early on Calvert should have played more. He looked good with potential. So does Chatman and he’s not playing enough too. But Rose did something different this year that you arm chair coaches wanted last year. To set a line up and rotation early in the season. Now that he has, you want him to mix it up every time a player has a bad game. OFF WITH HIS HEAD!!!
Some of you are behaving like UCLA fans did after Wooden Retired. Can’t win a NC so fire the coach even if he was 33-1. Get rid of those players that lost a game or two.
I want to win as much as any of you. But for the love of what? A win? At whose expense? We had a great person coaching football and the alumni and fans finally chased him. Why do you think the Navy coach stayed at Navy and Bronco left? Do you really want the same thing with Rose?

What a ridiculous post.

I call out Chase Fischer… and Kyle Collinsworth to a degree because they are not doing what needs to be done to lead the team to wins and you start claiming that everyone wants Rose fired? Totally rEdiculous. Tell me which armchair coaches wanted what you are talking about. I said there are players that needed more time and opportunities to perform and prove themselves. That is the exact thing that is happening this year… not enough guys getting opportunities. That is why Calvert left. Tell me how frustrating it is for a player who has been promised opportunities and isn’t getting them or one who is an “underclassman” that watches the “seniors” go 0-9 or commit double digit turnovers as the team fails in games they could win.

Lastly, you have no clue why Bronco left a job that paid him less than 1 million for a job that will pay him more than 3 million… hint - I just gave you the reason he left. The fans are going to chase Rose away? That is laughable…

I didn’t know where to begin but thanks for Jim Hawks getting after SG.
No, I have no desire or wanting to see Dave Rose (DR) fired. That is crazy! I am not the BB Coach or understand how to managed those young players. Yes Fitcher gives me creeps when seeing him shoot and I would like to yank him but I am not DR. DR didn’t make those turnovers nor missing those shots. But lately DR is frustrated of his players not getting the job done nor executing. All I can say that we lost those games and hopefully DR had enough of those losing and focus on his younger players and including KC for the rest of the year. And next year those younger guys will be ready to step in along with Mika, Destrup and TJ Haws. SG is right TJ will be ready next year but not too sure about the other two.

Somebody’s got to do it, right?

Utah played a complete game to defeat a length challenged Duke team and a biased referee squad.