Nick Emery's freshman season at BYU filled with ups, downs, lessons learned - 9 Feb


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Nick is a competitor. Boy, I love him,” he said after the Cougars’ victory last week against Saint Mary’s. “He competes so hard. He’s being guarded like a senior, which shows a lot of respect for a young kid. He’s getting some good experience at a young age.”

KC is telling him to keep shooting. Now stop calling him selfish!

The most important thing he can learn this year is to be a team player and stop thinking he is going to ALWAYS be the difference maker or the guy who wins the game. Yes, that is the most important lesson he can learn this season. All that nonsense about being guarded like a senior is just eyewash… all that stuff about being a competitor? what college player isn’t?

Don’t wait until midway through your senior season to figure it out, like KC and CF this season… it makes it tough on the whole team… it breeds mediocrity.

From the article it doesn’t sound like he is wanting to be the difference makers. Sounds like he’s taking the advice from Rose and KC. When players stop being aggressive when the believe they see an opportunity to score that’s when they start making mistakes and stop scoring when they have the opportunity. So, Rose and KC are telling him not to listen to the arm chair guards and go hard, fast and often.
I don’t see Emery doing what he does because he’s prideful or selfish. He does what he does because the coach says to. His teammates say to do what he’s doing.

You remind me of a Tom Hanks movie… plane crashes on an island and the guy lives by himself trying to survive. He draws a face on a volleyball and starts talking to it because there is nobody else around… and in your case, even when there is they don’t listen.

I am compelled to try and explain the apparently inexplicable to you because…

Nobody else is willing or has any interest in trying to do so.

Anytime somebody brings up something you disagree with, this is what you do. It doesn’t matter if everyone sees it a different way… you still have Wilson, the volleyball to talk to.