NIL has been killing BYU recruiting

Patrick Kinahan: Big-time Latter-day Saint recruits reject BYU |

Even if we were able to match Creighton with nil dollars, I wonder if ashworth would have come to BYU? Creighton has a great sales pitch, we lost our guard we made it to the elite 8. Come help us win the national championship, you get great exposure. Maybe go to the NBA or get a great deal in europe.

BYU’s pitch is we have a good shot to make the NIT and maybe the dance if we’re really good.

Even without the nil, the decision to go to Creighton could be worth a million dollars over the life of his career.

Right now, I don’t think BYU compete because we aren’t at the elite level. Three to five years the different story though. I hope we can start being competitive.

While I wish we got ashworth, I’m not surprised since BYU typically loses out on four and five star athletes and ashworth is effectively that right now.

We’ll never know. 6 figures was his NIL deal. Play at home where your folks and friends can watch every game or play on a bigger stage. Ashworth had some tough discissions to make. I would of done the same. He thinks he has a future as a Pro. This was a good choice.

The thing is, they all think they have a future as a pro in the NBA. If they are thinking overseas, BYU has been perfect for players to go overseas and play.

I think sometimes these kids see great potential players get injured and retire from sports. They take the biggest NIL.

He grew up being a BYU fan, but to be overlooked by them may have affected his decision not to come to BYU.

Also, the rumors that Pope is out of control during practices may also been a factor.

Rumors? Out of control? LOL! What does that even mean? Welcome to big time athletics.

Like I said there are rumors that Pope gets a little out control with his players. That is why several have transferred.

But keep up with the blue colored glasses.

Is there proof or is just rumors? I haven’t heard one player say anything about this. Has anyone else in here or is it just more rumors?

Talk to the people in the know…

Just because you did not hear it, does not mean it not happening. They don’t report those type of things on BYU Sports Nation.

For example, you did not hear on Sports Nation or any media outlet that KVN told Mendenhall he was quitting because of lack of playing time. That led to Mendenhall firing the DC Hill.

What does KVN have to do with Coach Pope?