NIT game in Progress

While I am not watching the game as I’m at Disneyland, looks like BYU is playing in Fantasyland. 10 turnovers in the first half and LB is living at the free throw line… Some players weren’t ready to play or don’t want to be there.

I heard from a reliable source in the locker room that Pope read my post to the team and it was the key to inspiration for the 2nd half

Well, at least three people read it: you, me, and Pope.

Pretty amazing that no one posted during or after the game. Is this some kind of protest or something? Lohner had another great game. There is hope with him now.

Apparently nobody cares about the NIT. It isn’t the tournament it used to be before the NCAA expanded the field to over 50 teams and kept on growing to the current size of 68 teams.

Actually the NIT lost a lot of prestige when it quit playing all the games at Madison Square Garden in the 80s. It was already in a steep decline but that made it an after thought. When BYU won the NIT in 1966 only 24 teams went to the NCAA and only conference champions and top independents were invited. Of course there were conference champions that weren’t as good as a lot of teams that didn’t go to the tournament and there were only a couple of conferences that held post season tournaments. There were only 14 teams in the NIT when BYU won it so making the NCAA or NIT was a big deal then. Lots of really good teams didn’t make the post season.

Actually making the NCAA isn’t nearly as big a deal as it was years ago when only 24 teams made it. When you can finish in the middle of the big ten and make it so what!

Your last paragraph is so true. There is so much parody these days with the transfer rules. The fact is, there are several teams in the NIT better than several in the NCAA.

I watched the game last night and plan on watching the rest of the games they play in the NIT. BYU struggled through most of the first half with a team that is actually smaller than them and was missing one of their stars. Shooting and ball-handling was poor during that first half.

They had an incredible run in the second half that put the game away. George played hard throughout, and Lohner was outstanding as well. Of course, Barcello started hitting in the second half and really had a great half.

I would love to see the team take the whole tournament this year, but they sure struggle with what seem like lesser teams. Interesting to note that Baxter warmed up and was sitting in full uniform on the bench. I don’t expect him to play in the NIT, but what if…

Maybe he’s changed his mind and wants to try again next year?

WHAT??? Baxter sighting. Could it be that he comes back?
Would of watched the game but was chasing giant Lohontons in Pyramid. BYU better watch out, if someone like NIU wants it more, they will lose. Would love to see the Cougs in da Garden.

You didn’t really post while you were at Disenyland, right? Dude, you have a serious disorder. Stop living your life on Cougarfan. :roll_eyes:

Did you catch any?

I would have loved watching the game but it was on espn+ and I don’t have it. I am already paying a ton for cable and I am not about to pay more for a streaming service just to watch an occasional game I can’t get with my million dollar cable package!

I’m able to multitask. I’m talented.

I don’t blame you. I sold one of my cars to finance Hulu with ESPN+

It was slow but landed enough to make the 9 hr drive worth it.
Had a 20 lber to shore before he came unbuttoned

If it was anyone else I would question the validity of that comment…

You, I’m sure, are accurate with that estimate.

Look up Pyramid Lake Lahonton Cutthroat.
Lahontan Cutthroat Trout – Western Native Trout
The official record is 41 lbs.
Unofficial record is over 60 lbs.

There’s a Pyramid Lake close to where Jim and I live.

Yeah, isn’t that the one just north of Castaic?

It is way smaller than the Pyramid lake in Nevada.

That would be something to land a fish like the ones in the pictures.

Biggest one I ever caught was a 5 lb. rainbow just below Palisades reservoir at the spillway. It was about 5:30 in the morning when I hooked it and 6:15 when I finally landed it. A combination of the strong fish and the current made for a battle.

This is a perfect example of why proper spelling is important.

Parody - an imitation of the style of a particular writer, artist, or genre with deliberate exaggeration for comic effect.

Ironic post and usage of the word. Most of your posts are unintentionally “comical”… :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

This is the word you wanted to use -

Parity - the state or condition of being equal, especially regarding status or pay. :crazy_face:

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