Northern Illinois is getting owned right now

so I bet they wish they were playing BYU in their bowl game instead of UAB. I know some of you will say that UAB is a good team and maybe they are but 37-13 is a lopsided score, unlike the 7-6 loss that NIU handed BYU in LES.

I just don’t remember BYU losing to directional schools on their home field but that seems to be the case recently and it’s not a good sign.

That’s why they play the game. NIU made Utah work for every yard as well as BYU. If you are 1 dimensional, that is what happens. The dam breaks when a team like UAB comes along with several bullets in the chamber. UAB just got better and better as the season progressed.

BYU has got to show the world that it is ready for the next step on Friday. Not just a win but a blowout.

Obviously the BYU coaches did not let Wilson loose on long passes against NIU., We coulda’ shoul,da’ against NIU. UAB burnt them with long passes and some good running by RB Brown. This so far, was the best surprise early in the bowl season.

Then today on Sept. 21st BYU burned WMU with Wilson’s passing and the best defensive work by BYU this year.

I missed the first half but no big deal.

The second half, to finish the season, was some of the best football I saw BYU play this year. There were a lot of bench players in this game because of injuries but they stepped up and did the job.

Hopefully the momentum can carry into next season.