Not a BYU basketball Topic

But I thought anyone who loves basketball would like to know:

Utah Jazz former Coach Jerry Sloan has passed away.

To me, he was the best coach. He taught that life is hard, you work through it to the end and never take anything for granted.

RIP Jerry Sloan

Yes I agree Floyd he was a great coach. He knew the game and understood how to win with not the best talent all the time. Sounds like the last several years were likely a difficult time for his family as well.

People often get so worried and focused about how they will be remembered that they forget to be real and true. Live a life of integrity, love for family and others and most importantly keep the commandments and love God. That is how you leave a legacy.

On a side note, where did he pass away? I am guessing if it was in a liberal state it will be counted as “death with covid 19” so they can try to justify asking the federal government for money.

He passed away here in Utah