Not a single post about Portland

Nothing from Fish? Where is the pre-game analysis and predictions? It appears that it was a pretty blah game, though my Dad till call me at the beginning worried because Portland was hot early. I told him he should be watching stake conference but I have also showed him how to do that a dozen times and he still forgets (what do you expect, he’s 83). I also told him not to worry, it was Portland.

BYU gets the easy win (I presume it was) but I missed the entire game. Between stake conference on zoom and the 49ers vs Packers it was third on my priority list.

Go Cougars!

Well, I was at Stake Conference in person. I saw the score with 48 seconds left and we gave up like 6 points at the end? Didn’t make the spread.
Lohner had a good game. Atiki stayed in the game all the way to the end. Barcello had a slow game. What happened there against Portland? Hope he hasn’t peaked.

Portland was not an easy win. They led most of the first half. From 1 min left in the 1st, and the entire 2nd, BYU finally put the game away.

High points:
Barcello had his lowest out put of the year but schools are sending so many players at him that others are wide open.
If I could write a script for BYU success, it would be this game, Lucas lead the way with 7 assists, he is a assassin Game high of 16 points

Traore had a perfect night, did not miss a shot. 13 to go with 10 boards, stud

Knight had a 2nd great game in a row, big back to back 3s

But the MVP was Lohner, scored the 1st 7 points and just plain played like a NBA draft pick, filled up the stats everywhere.

Atiki had 3 blocks in 12 short minutes.

Great game, great vibe to be there…

Portland with all their players healthy except for one played well. We may have to go to their place still.

Yes ABhad an off night sometime as expected

Foose was all smiled with perfect night :slight_smile:

Lohner first player to hit 3 land and 7 points at start of the game was fun to hear

Atiki really shined and nice to have him in this game without having to sit from last game (USD) suspension

George: glad he was OK and was able to resume playing in the second half

Portland best free throw team in the country missed all their FTs in the first half. And BYU had ZERO 0FT attempts in the first half go figures

Knight was hot tonight

Go Cougars and 49ers!!!

Portland had 0 turnovers in the first, a rare stat… They ended up with 7.

BYU is now a tournament team. When scoring comes from MANY players instead of 2 or 3, they become winning teams. For the longest time it was the AB-Lucas show. As of today, Traore is capable of a 20 point night. He is by far our most efficient player out there. His back up, Atiki can give him quality minutes and even be counted to score if Foos is injured or in foul trouble. That position was the reason why BYU lost to UVU, Creighton, and Vandy.

Lohner looks like he turned the corner with 3 out of 4 quality games. It was always between his ears, he is mauling smaller players now and to be honest, Lohner should always be bigger/stronger than the guys he faces because there are very few 6’8 fours running around out there with his hops and raw strength. Those made 3s are a beautiful thing.

Knight has finally found his BYU footing. for the longest time, he had been a wild stallion doing his thing on poorly coached teams, he comes to BYU, where Pope runs a show more like Greg Popovich, everyone has a role and Knight just could not fit in. He sure does now. His back to back 3s make him dangerous.

Johnson is the most subtle defender out there. He will always take on their best outside shooter when Barcello is taking a rest. He gets in the mosh pit with bigs and comes up with disrupting steals. He can be counted on to make the jumper or open 3, just a quiet player who carries a big stick.

Then you have Knell, who can get you 12 ppg on any night. George as well to some extent.

That is a Dance team all day long.

Bite your tongue or knock on wood

Listening to the game yesterday and heard that Foose stumble something got me holding my breath for a moment about him getting injured and we are not a tournament team without him.

It was George that sprained his ankle. He came back in and played well.

It’s PORTLAND! what is there to say? LOL

No, I had a lot going on Saturday, spent four hours in the dentist chair on Friday (broken tooth, Cracked another tooth and did some damage to the filling yet to a third tooth) and was recovering from that.

I apologize for sparring with you to hard. :sunglasses:

I would take that instead of dealing with “Evil” Dentist anytime! :rofl:

What is the doctors name? I will see my dentist tomorrow and his name is Dr. Gary Clark on seventh east next to sego Lily. My doctor would use a crowbar at some time to get my mouth open bigger

He is actually a former ward member…

I think all doctors and dentist is “evil”… comes from my dad.

Just tell him your mouth is big enough now :rofl:

OK micro brain

:weary: Oh, you hurt my feelings. Come on, you set yourself up for that Hilarious response fro me. Chill out. :sunglasses:

Hoppers dentist doesn’t have a hard time getting him to open his mouth… that’s the easy part. The problem comes when his open mouth can’t stop yapping. Only putting him out seems to work. :rofl: