Not completely trashed in polls

AP has BYU at #19. Still top 20. No more losses!

They should not be in the top 25 period.
They beat Baylor, which time will tell if they are good. The beat USF again, not sure how good they really are.

Then got absolutely “Smoked” by Oregon who got walloped by Georgia.

Baylor won big today. We are where we should be now. Leave the polling to professionals :sunglasses:

south florida lost to florida 31-28. I think that bodes well for BYU. Also Baylor won easy. I felt like the game against Oregon would go badly. Oregon losing to Georgia was first game of the season on the road. I think the game would be different if they had played in Oregon instead.

I wasn’t terribly disappointed in the Oregon game. They just started slow and were victimized a little by refs that wouldn’t call a holding penalty on Oregon even though they easily could have. Also, Oregon has a very good, experienced QB.

Let’s see how next weeks game goes. BYU not dropping a lot in the polls is a good sign. I think BYU will thrash Wyoming and then Utah State might be even easier, they lost to Weber 35-7.They will be 4-1 going in to the Notre Dame game. Notre Dame not that great.

I haven’t had a chance to watch the game yet. We are just leaving Disneyland. We should have been better prepared defensively for sure. We will be able to get healthy for ND and Arkansas. Not sure why Nacua wasn’t playing.

Why did you go to Disneyland? I can’t support anything Disney anymore unless it is watching old Disney movies. Just a question based on my own feelings about the current Disney woke attitudes.

Until about 4-5 games into the season polls don’t mean much because I have always contended you don’t how good you, or your opponents are, until you are 4-5 games into the season. Baylor may not be as good as we think they are. They lost to us and their 2 wins were over weak opponents We will know better this week when they play Iowa State on the road.

Oregon is apparently better than we thought they were, at least they were real good on Saturday. Georgia and Alabama are about a mile ahead of everybody and capable of blowing out anybody other than each other so it is hard to gauge how you good, or bad, you are based on what happens against the two professional college teams in the country.

I had no idea how the game would go Saturday against Oregon. I thought just about any outcome was possible; lose big, win big, close game either way, unfortunately it was the worst outcome of all the possibilities, but is hardly the end of the world. The next two games should be breathers, but who knows. I didn’t think BYU would have any trouble against Boise at home last year but they laid a real big egg in that game. Notre Dame hasn’t been impressive but by the time we play them they may have hit their stride.

Apparently you don’t want to do anything but be a hermit? We are to live in the world and be good examples. Nothing I saw at Disneyland would keep me away. Nor did it cause me to become gay. Oh, I saw a couple of gay dudes holding hands and a couple of lesbians. There were 100,000 people there not gay. Star Wars is great! All the rides there!

Nope! Wyoming is a very good team. Utah State is having issues for sure. But, Wyoming can shut down our run too.

Nothing about wanting to be a hermit. I just don’t want to support a corporation run by woke types that promote things I abhor. You see it differently and that is fine.

Where do you buy you food? Go out to? No one says you are supporting them when you do. I guarantee that you won’t lose your temple recommend going to Disneyland or watch a Disney movie. To accomplish what you say one has to not live in the world but controlled by the world. Just my thoughts is all.

I understand that there is no way you can boycott every corporation that has woke policies. For one thing it would be impossible to know who they all are. There are a few that stand out that I won’t support and it is a personal decision and I don’t have an issue with people who see it differently.Disney doesn’t provide a product or service that is essential to me and they are promoting things I find abhorrent. If they change their leadership and get back to focusing on family entertainment without promoting LBGTQ issues I won’t have an issue with them. I won’t go to any movies or watch TV programs that promote the LGBTQ agenda either no matter who is producing it.

I probably shouldn’t have asked you why you were at Disneyland. It probably came off as judgmental and was off topic too boot.

I don’t know where parents can take kids anymore where the kids won’t be bombarded with things that promotes stuff they shouldn’t be exposed to.

Two things

Hopper shouldn’t be going to Disneyland any day, let alone a Saturday during a BYU football game.

Whyoming is not a good football team. They got blasted by Illinois, who lost to Indiana, two patsies in the Big 10.

They are 3-1. So, it’s a trap game. Hopefully BYU isn’t feeling the same as you.

Why not go to Disneyland? Greatest expensive toys on the planet.

well said, lets see where we are coming to the ND game. BTW, Wy trashed a good Air Force team last week, not going to be a patsy by any stretch. And USU Always gets up for BYU.

I like Disneyworld better
Love it . Great memories. Do have my concerns about Disney corp - won’t lie
Good for you. Want to go on tron

Well said and good point. I hadn’t seen that game score. Wyoming is probably better than I give them credit for but still no reason BYU should lose to them.

Predicting a 38-14 final score, BYU. I say 38 hoping Oldroyd gets a chance to make a field goal and does.

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