Not ready to play

Our defense looks slow and not working very hard. Offense needs to move the ball better and not make dumb penalties. Stay in front of the defense

I have had questions about the defense all season long … even last year. They might not be very good after all. They have trouble stopping the short passing game but to not be able to stop the run is a killer.

Its an odd formation. Byu defense will adapt and look better in the 2nd half.

We will see Sitake make some adjustments but you don’t want a CC with confidence on offense! Dangerous territory.

This is way more than an odd formation. The OL and RB’s are eating us up. We are getting schooled

Defense is slow and being pushed around. Offense has to just play it’s game without the trick plays

CC on track to rush for 320 yards against us. We will lose this game by 14 if this continues and it could be worse than that.

Terrible play calling at the end of the first drive of the 2nd half

#94 needs a good 'ol fashion high low, chop out your knees, chop block. Guy’s a dirty player.

Not a good time for the BYU OL to start having problems. This CC team is really quick and aggressive.

We obviously look slow and jet lagged. There was nothing to gain and everything to lose playing this game. Potato Bowl here we come

At what time does Sitake realize that he has to put a nose guard over the center? 2 DT over each tackle and 2 DE’s? That is the only way to stop this option run attack. Just like the 2 pt conversion!!

Coaching is an issue, just like I was worried about. CC coaches are better than our defensive coaches.

Why did we punt?

Yes! Why haven’t we?

CC ran a Vanilla offense, BYU kept with the 4 man front the entire game. Basically sat back and let them grind out 1st downs. FIRE TUIAKI. Pathetic.

Sitaki wasn’t much better. Why did we punt at the end? Well, the silver lining is we will get Wilson back for another year. He was out played by a freshman

Can we say “choke.” Wilson nervous and not a first round NFL pick. BYU always seems to screw up at some time of the season when it seems like great things will happen. Have seen that in FB, BB and baseball. Very likely down 4 or 5 slots in CFP committee rankings. You know there are lots of fans and also the powerful in college FB saying we knew BYU couldn’t win in a big game against a quality opponent. Sad but not surprised.

See my post why we lost. See if you agree. Never should have played the game.

I admit I was very very wrong. VERY wrong. I predicted a 20 point win, but I admit I was WAAAAAY wrong. Here’s why:

  1. Tuiaki played a 4-2-5 against a running team.
  2. We made zero halftime adjustments defensively so of course CC kept running it down our throat.
  3. I have never seen a worse game from a BYU LB than the game from Kaufusi tonight. They ran option at him over and over and over and he did not make a single impact play on 54 runs.
  4. Our play calling was completely baffling. Grimes ran Wilson twice in a row on our FG drive. A passing TD there and we kick a game winning FG on the last play of the game.
  5. Several peewee football level drive killing plays.
  6. On the last play, Allgeier ran literally unguarded down the left sideline. He would have walked into the end zone. Instead Zach threw into triple coverage.

There is no positive takeaway. But some BIG negative takeaways:

  1. Once again BYU loses a game it should win in large part because Sitake has a blind spot for Tuiaki and his “take no chances and sit back and wait” defense.
  2. This game ruins anything else BYU achieved this year. We get the same bowl game whether we are 10-1 or 7-4.
  3. All the media that defended BYU will quickly abandon ship this minute, and will be very slow to ever trust BYU game.
  4. I love Sitake and he’s a great recruiter, but he has now seriously underachieved yet again, as he does every year, losing to teams BYU should beat.

The football season is now over, OL besides the fun of watching a couple more games. Thank heavens for basketball season because Kalani chokes again.