Not sure what to think after Alaska

So, we may have a lot of good shooters. But, we will still have games where no one can shoot. What did we shoot? 30%
That was ugly.

I am worried, very worried. BYU should not have been within 50 points of that team. The only player that looked like he wanted to win the game was Shaw.

I waited a full 24 hours for another “what we learned” post and didn’t really see one. I will answer the last one with the same answer I gave when everyone else was claiming that we knew a lot after the first exhibition game. I still say we know nothing about this team.

If anyone is still hyped by all of the talent and depth on BYU"s roster, I say you still need to wait until they play a real team and real game before continuing the hype.

There are a couple of things I noticed during the game vs. powerhouse Alaska-Fairbanks. I’m surprised they can recruit players who are willing to spend an entire basketball season living in sub zero weather. Anyhow, I saw a lot of disinterest and a problem with chemistry. I get the feeling that the players on the team spend more time trying to impress each other and less time trying to help each other get better. I absolutely hate Fischer’s hair. I hope Rose can get these guys on the same page soon and help them understand their roles. It feels too much like a “look at me” contest. Did I mention how much I hate Fischer’s hairstyle?

Anyhow, I will still take a wait and see approach, as much because I don’t think games like this tell us much at all but there will be a couple soon that will. I remember saying last season that those close losses to good teams early in the season were not good, that they needed to win a game or two like that because it would pay dividends down the road. We never saw those dividends because the lineup was changing all the time and because they didn’t win any of those close games early on.

I hope it is different this season.

Ok not going to apologize for not getting on the band wagon so far this year. I see things much the same as you do Jim in several different venues. I would be very happy to see BYU take the next step forward in both their football and basketball programs, but so far I see potential talent, but as far as a team goes-nothing definable. Probably most of the problem is, we don’t even know for sure what the starting lineup is going to look like. Davis and Aytes were touted as being team changing additions, but I haven’t seen that as of yet. Everyone was basing their predictions on hype or performance against small programs. There is a lot of individual talent, but does it carry over to being a talented team. The next four games should give us an idea of what to expect this year. Right now, in my mind, it’s hope for the best and keept expectations on a reasonable level.

there is nothing about exhibition games about winning, if is all about seeing combinations and about chemistry. Of course they are going to look ugly but Rose uses these games to see what parts of player’s games can he work into a recipe for success.

BYU’s team is set. We have a senior running the team and the point some thing that was in question last year and the 4 year’s before that. You don’t think that makes a huge difference? Will win us tough games in conference?

BYU finally has low post scoring in Davis, a proven post scorer and defender. We have a healthy Austin, a Kaufusi with experience under his belt. A very glaring deficit from previous years. You also have hard working Hartsock and Shaw. Is BYU much better in the Post? You don’t think Gonzaga has a bullseye painted on BYU?

Is Emery a question mark? No way, not in my eyes, not after watching him pick up where he left off at Lone Peak. Is Toolson, a lifetime 3 point threat looking for his shot as opposed to last season?

Yeah, I’m a little excited about this coming year only because BYU has the pieces to plug in our gaping weaknesses from last season…a year where we won 25 games.

It will be interesting how Rose works with this team. The problem is most of this team wasn’t around last year. And if they were, they were either injured or ineligible. Next year the turnover won’t be as bad and every player can be successfully replaced including KC. Mika, Haws and Dastrupt all signed letter of intent today. Every player on the team can score. And, the defense will be physical because everyone can score.

I admire your optimistic outlook. I agree about exhibition games, but so far it’s all we have to look at. Davis has not been impressive -hopefully, he will be what everyone has been touting him as being. BYU has a young team and those freshmen have had a tough time carrying over a good performance more than one game. Heck - everyone was down grading Shaw, but he was one of the bright spots against Alaska. I’m not tossing in the towel this year, but I expect growing pains and really am more confident about 16-17. We will just have to discuss this topic in about 6 or 7 more weeks and I will be happy to admit I was off the mark if the record indicates that! I don’t think Rose is too comfortable right now either.

Rose has to be a whole lot more comfortable than he was last year…

I only have two questions in my mind…1st, how bad is KC’s knee and that tendonitis?
2nd, which 7 or 8 guys get all the minutes?

That’s a point. This won’t be a team where 7 or 8 get all the minutes. We won’t be tired in the 2nd half of games. We can keep more pressure on our defense without worrying about players fouling out. And, next year, we will be more powerful!

Next year looks really good! How about in 2 years! Watch out!
I think we will do well this year too.

Worry? What for. It is only basketball. First of all their was little incentive for the Cougars to play this “exhibition” games vs. Alaska??? Teams generally play up to the level of their opponents. That’s why we have upsets.

Definitely deeper than last year and I didn’t even include Shaw who may surprise a few people. Looking forward to the first real game this weekend. I hope Rose takes a good look at everyone

Shaw looked good.

Any thoughts on the game tomorrow?-I am looking at a close game and wouldn’t be surprised if we took it on the chin-but I hope not

I don’t think this one will be close. I think BYU wins convincingly.

I don’t think it will be close. Our usual game is to keep it close the first half and blow out teams going down the stretch. This one may be over at half time.

Neilsen will try to take it to us and that will take them out of the game.

Close or not - I’m ready for this game! Just have a feeling…

the game is on BYU TV at 7 pm. This game won’t be even close, it counts and BYU can’t afford a bad loss so they will be playing the starters.