Now, onto Basketball

One more football game to go unless a miracle happens next week. So, time to focus on basketball. Morgan St. tonight. Early in the game only 1-5 from 3 land.

take it to the in game thread.

It is??? What are you talking about?

you’re right, it was in the proper thread.

I’m still worked up about the football game.


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I was courtside last night for the basketball game. Our team looks fantastic this year. We won our one tough game going away, and we destroyed the 3 teams we were supposed to destroy. We have had too many losses and close wins the last couple years against bad teams. This year we are doing what we should be doing: wiping them out. Our D has been outstanding and almost every player is playing better than he did last year, and that’s the mark of quality coaching. I’m not saying we will contend in the B12, but I’m feeling like we will compete.

This was another thing the Hopper and I talked about. Hopper is Jekyll on this board and Hyde in person, just so everyone knows. I can’t explain it but that’s how it is.

Anyhow we believe that BYU is better than we thought. I don’t see any reason why they can’t finish in the middle of the pack somewhere. I even suggested at the top of the bottom half. If you take the conference and split it in half I believe they can finish with a .500 record in league games. I might be wrong or too optimistic but I’d rather believe this and hope for more.

I think it is VERY possible and if we get some breaks here and there maybe even better.

We will see.

remember last month when the Big 12 had BYU at dead last. hahahha

I’m not crowing until we play serious talent. Vegas this week will certainly challenge us. So far BYU has played the version of St Mary’s “play nobody and stay at home”

Before we played a game I stated, "BYU has too much experience and talent to be last in the Big 12. Two things I said in the pre season…

BYU had a chance to go dancing and…

we would play middle of the pac in the Big 12.

Let’s start with that and see if our highly touted transfers can be an impact because so far, it’s a big no show.

By now everyone knows my core Dowgs but I still don’t trust a few of our early scorers as an example, we will see if Waterman disappears in big games.

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and just like that:
2024 Pomeroy College Basketball Ratings (

BYU at #15, come on man, this is waaaaaay too early