Of course there will be no other strains

of the COVID virus that will defeat the current vacines:

Israel COVID-19 study finds South Africa variant able to ‘break through’ Pfizer vaccine | Fox News

Be ready to wear masks, social distance and all the other crap plus more and more vaccines for the next 100 years, as we hop, hop, hop along.

This isn’t new. The vaccine isn’t like a flu vaccine. The COVID-19 vaccine won’t prevent us from getting the virus. What it does is stop the bad effects of the virus. Even to get the sniffles for most. This will increase the heard immunity.

Grasshopper: “The COVID-19 vaccine won’t prevent us from getting the virus.”

FROM THE CDC WEBSITE: Key Things to Know About COVID-19 Vaccines

Updated Mar. 13, 2021

Effectiveness, What We Know

  • COVID-19 vaccines are effective at keeping you from getting COVID-19.

Waaaaaaaaayyyy doggies! :laughing: Go for it hopper