Officials should be fired

This has been one of the worst officiated games in recent memory. Way too many flags, way too many bad calls, way too much influence on this game and how it is being played.

Maybe everyone should take off their helmets and put some flags on…

At least that way nobody can pull on Jamal’s facemask.

Terribly officiated game.


Why do the officials want to keep BYU from getting a chance to win the game?

This is terrible.

As we all know it pack 12 homers

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Why not OT. Why not PAT???

Jim H: That is the PAC-12 officials. They are notorious for the most biased in the country.

I agree. We got mad at Bronco for doing it against Utah and Bronco. Have to be consistent. It was a bad play call as well.

I heard that on that 2 point conversion there was an option for Hill to pass or run. I didn’t see it but I wish he would have at least tried to sell it. The second the ball was snapped it was obvious he was planning on running it. He never made any move to throw or look to a receiver.

I like his athleticism but his ability to deceive the opponent is non-existent. His play fakes are weak… the art of deception is a big help but he can’t do it.

How about timing at the end. Once you get a TD then you better hurry up go for 2. Instead which I can’t remember who called time out and long delay. They should of went for one and go OT.
Again, those Refs are bunch of homers for PAC 12. And bang bang two Targets - DUMB JOKERS! Too many reviews for Utah and they had SIX TurnOvers!
So which refs going to show up at LES facing UCLA? Better not be PAC Zebras.

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I have been looking at several times and he didn’t have time to do what you suggested. They were blitzing and he had to either try to run backwards and out or do what he did. I just think there needs to be several options on that kind of play. A triple option would have been better.

It was the right call to go for two. BYU could not stop Utah in their run game. As in the Az game, BYU was gassed in the 4th.

Should have, as you say, at least run a option to throw and get Utah to sit back on their heels before Hill took off

One important reason he didn’t have time is because he didn’t sell the play. Everyone in the stadium knew he was running the QB draw so it was doomed from the beginning. Where was the fake throw or some deception on the play? There wasn’t any.

Hill is a great athlete but he missed an opportunity on that one.

I agree, I would have gone for two as well. Hill did a poor job of selling the play. There should have been several options on the play but everyone knew he was going to try and run the second he got the snap.

No one was in the backfield to give him time from the blitzers to fake a pass. All he could do is run forward.

You catch the snap from center, you immediately fake a throw, even a jerk of the arm or head movement is enough sometimes, and then you go through the progressions of the play. He NEVER did that.

A QB doesn’t need “time” to do that. It takes a split second.

Stop making excuses for a poorly executed play on his part.

You go onto ESPN from your phone and get to NCAAF. Click on scores and you will see the play from 2 different angles. The only other option he had was to run right. But, there was a “spy” that he would have had to try to get by. And, he would have had to start running immediately.
He had no time to fake a pass. By the time he caught the snap, he had the ball up for a pass but no time to fake anything. The defenders were on him like flies on honey and that fast.

Can Nacua’s targeting call be appealed?

Does he play for Utah?

Then the answer would be no.

Actually, what good would an appeal do? The game is over for one thing… is he supposedly forced to sit out another game now too?

Yes. And Sitake said on the post game interview he was going to do it.

I do not see where the ejection can be appealed after the game?

from the Herold

Because of the ejections, Nacua and McChesney will both miss the first half of the UCLA game unless the calls are somehow overturned – although it seems unlikely there will be any changes after the ruling was allowed to stand on the field.

Although it’s unclear how much impact those penalties had on the outcome of Saturday’s game, this is one more example of where officials should have a responsibility to explain to the public not just what the call was but why a decision warranting an ejection was made so the explanation can be clear.

just in on Twitter, Jay Drew:

Sitake confirmed that the targeting calls upheld by the replay crew are not subject to appeal, and Nacua and McChesney will sit first half.

UCLA will attack the middle of the field frequently in the first half with the passing game. We all know it is coming. Does BYU even have a third string safety? and if they do, the entire defense will have to adjust and help for sure.

The ejections put BYU in a difficult spot for the UCLA game, no doubt about it.