Oh My. The MWC is in shambles

Air Force, Colorado State reportedly on way to leaving MWC for AAC - Deseret News

Craig Thompson has been the commish since 1998. There is little confidence from the rest of the league that He can add quality teams to replace the ones he is losing to the AAC.

What goes around, comes around, Craig…You should of never played hardball or LIED to BYU. We made this league for you and you screwed us over. now take your medicine.

Dang Chris, you are on one today!

I do agree with you, just like I said I do, most of the time.

Never burn a bridge or treat someone different than you would want to be treated.

Karma is a tough pill to swallow.

Makes sense by Air Force but Colorado state? And why not add Boise State and San Diego State to AAC. What do I care about Craig Thompson

BSU is resisting the AAC…they want an invite from the Big 12. And so may SDSU but they have not said so publicly.

Craig is TOAST and good riddance.

Why am I laughing hysterically right now?

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The Mtn teams decided to stay put. Air Force has the best reason to leave for the AAC to link up with Navy but the underlying reason is that the Mtn is probably stonger then the AAC now that 3 teams for joining the Big 12. And BSU along with SDSU are hoping to get a Big 12 invite was well.

Geographically the expansion doesn’t make sense for USAFA or CSU. For AAC does make sense but not to the invitees so much further west.