Okay, FIRE, FIRE, FIRE and

Hire who? Let’s start with the list that would be ready for P5 Big12 play? Honestly, so easy to fire and yet who will replace at BYU for the pay? Honor Code and go out to serve?

You have to remember that there are over 138 schools out there with good coaches.

At another level, Arod would be considered a good coach. Personally, with what he has to work with, he’s done a good job, not great. Are there others out there that would do better for the pay scale we pay our coaches for?

Name one place he has coached at that he would be considered “good”?

He got booted from Utah for the exact reason he should be booted by BYU. He calls plays “not to lose” instead “to win games”.

It was never more apparent than this game, 18 point lead, calls an aggressive first half then goes all too conservative in the second half.

Someone pointed out tonight that in the 2nd half most 1st downs were passes. To me, that’s not playing to lose. In this game, I didn’t see that. What I saw is the usual inability to adjust when teams adjust to what we are doing. Especially at halftime. That’s on both offense and defense. Perhaps it’s just the players we have that can’t do it. But, Hill is a successful coach. I seriously doubt Arod will be fired unless he isn’t willing to go to off-season classes to get better.

Then you need to read up on what it means to “Play not to lose”.

Passing on 1st down does not constitute “playing to win”.

Okay Floyd. Tell us what you’ve read to play not to lose and where you saw this in the game.

You’ve got to be kidding…

Yep! All the injuries and lack of depth. It’s as good as it gets the last to two games.