Old Subjects Getting Crowded

Those two groups FB & BB subjects are getting bigger. The old board that I like about is that by the end of 1st week those subjects just drop off. Can we do away with those old subjects?

I like the way they are sent to my Outlook for all new subjects with different discussions in that subject and many new links or “system”. Nice! But, please get rid of those old subjects in this new fan board (not so great).

This is how the majority of boards work. Popular topics stay at the top. If people keep posting in them it’s because the subject isn’t done being discussed.

No need to ‘restart’ another thread to keep talking about the same subject because it fell off the front page.

Okay but the old message board was better and why get rid of it anyway

They mentioned this back when they started this board. I believe it was for the following reasons…

  1. Old board was using old, unupdateable, proprietary software.
  2. They wanted a board that worked better on tablets and phones.

There may have been another reason or two, but I believe those two were the biggest reasons.

I believe that this Board is leaving the old subjects on it because fewer and fewer people are using this Board. One can see it because of the lack of new discussions on this losy Board.

That’s the reason. We hate new things, too. Thanks for hanging with us.

Perhaps the BOT didn’t like what or how people responded to what is happening with the BYU football and men’s basketball programs. It does appear that the women’s programs are going much better.