Ole Miss overcomes 17-point deficit to stun BYU in NCAA First Four contest - 17 Mar

Link: http://www.deseretnews.com/article/865624450/Live-coverage-BYU-faces-Ole-Miss-in-NCAA-First-Four-matchup.html

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Typical one and done game, BYU proved they’d didn’t belong in the tourney couldn’t win a game to get into the 64 team. Disappointed and fed up with the mediocre play of our team, 17 point lead, and our defense was terrible in the second half, we deserve this loss and I really wasn’t surprised I thought they were only NIT worthy and would of gone farther if they did go to the NIT!! BYU deserved this loss, very disappointing!!!

This loss just told the story of the season in 40 minutes. Bad defense, sometimes great offense and a complete lack of awareness on defensive boards. Oh and the turnovers, too. This one will take some time to get over.