One of the all time great baseball players passes away

Hank Aaron passes away at 86
Always like him as a ball player and a person, always the gentleman and willing to give a kid the time to talk with him…

Hall of Famer, former home run king Hank Aaron dies at 86 (

Heck of a good baseball player and an even better man!

One thing I appreciate about you Floyd (other then your name is part of my favorite band) is that you always post inspiring things.

I wrote this on my facebook page today: Hank crossed over racial lines united a country. More then any protests, sports event kneeling, any PC crap. A true American hero.

Yes, a true gentleman, Even take away the home run record, still one of the greatest baseball players of all time. To me, an American hero. As a teen in the 60s, followed his career (also Mantle and Mays) closely via tv, newspapers and sports magazines. When I thought about Mr. Aaron, race was not a defining characteristic. Sad feelings.

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I ponder Hank Aaron’s life and example and then I read the headline about how Pelosi and the swamp are impeaching Trump a second time after all the made up charges and 1st bogus impeachment. Don’t they know that the very thing they hated Trump for (divider) Agitator, he loved to poke the left…They are guilty of.
I see Civil war if someone does not try to cross over and try to sooth open wounds.
Me, I was fishing through this whole week and missed all this executive order BS to undo everything Trump did
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That’s part of the problem-you getting to fish all week​:grinning::grinning::grinning::sun_with_face: