One of the ten takeways from Wagner

Continuing the discussion from 10 Takeaways from Cincy Game:

Hopefully one of the ten you can take away from Wagner is Hoge being a lot more proficient at qb:) Right now based upon what I’ve seen- if Magnum goes down we probably will be lucky to win another game. So here’s to three quarters of Hoge! BYU has such good receivers that it’s hard to pin “elite” on Mathews. Maybe if he was surrounded by average receivers if would be easier, but right now I’m not even sure he is “the go to guy”-the others are that good and I really love Houk. I’m watching Wagner just to see players I haven’t seen much of before.

yeah, like run on every down. Very unimpressed.Detmer however has Detmer genes and smarts. I truly want to see more of that kid.