Open letter to Dr. Hill

I truely want to say I am sorry that your players have been put in physical danger by those brute BYU players. You have probably never been in any athletic competition but I am sure you have your participation trophy. We know that your players are always perfect in their actions on and off the court or any field of play. I would like to personally invite Utah to join the MPSF Mens Volleyball League, Year in and year out it is the best league in the country. There is no possible injury that any BYU player could cause to your players because they are separated by a net. Except that there could be some Tatouing of Utah foreheads by the lines from the Volleyball. Boom goes the dinamite! It was a great match tonight as #1 BYU defeated #3 Loyola University of Chicago, the defending national champion, 3 to 1 to to take the match. No players from the opposing team got hurt but there were several tatoes.

Safety first

They may start issuing technical fouls if players spike at the head of an opponent :slight_smile:

Utah is acting like idiots and trying to show their superiority for sure, but byu fans should own their part in this. You can’t act like that and not expect repercussions. I remember right after that incident listening to Trevor Maddage on byu nation. His opinion was that the bowl game a year ago had set us back to pre Lavell days regarding respect the eyes of the national press. He works for ESPN so he ought to know if anyone would. The thing that’s discouraging is tha byu fans seem to think our players can do no wrong. They even ‘see’ things that aren’t there such as another teams players struck first, even when the video evidence is indisputable. You can’t change until you can really see the problem and a lot of byu nation doesn’t seem capable of that. Our coaches need to stop encouraging penalties to encourage aggression. Lavell never did that. He taught them to use their aggression to play well but keep their emotions under control.

Right or wrong on either teams part doesn’t make Utards decision to not play a game they contracted to do right. They are wrong no matter what.

It always takes two to tango. If one guy is always getting away with little things whether said or acted out, it is only a matter of time before retaliation occures. Some one needs to go over those game films with a fine tooth comb. You will find the reason, it is always there.