Oral Roberts, we needed a game like this

BYU needed a game like Oral Roberts. In the first half, OR chose to double Childs every time, we kicked it out and clanked our way to 5-20 from 3. In the second half, BYU shot a more respectable 4-9 from 3. Haws shots WAY TOO many 3s for his %.

2nd half, BYU chose to drive to the hoop more and shot 14-20 from FT. Childs is still struggling at the line, missing several front ends of 1and1s, and that cost us. Harding also struggled at the line.

OR as a LOAD on the boards, 16 ORs, we just did not have the bodies to stop 260lb Obanor. Nzekwesi, who is a NBA body, was a good as promised. BYU was out rebounded 45-37, not too bad considering Lee was ailing.

Speaking of injuries, Lee tweaked his knee again on that awesome block at the rim by OR. only got 4 minutes, making BYU very thin at the post. ….Barcellos hit the standard hard on a layup. Did not see him after, that, lower back,can’t afford to lose that defensive stopper.

Toolson and Childs were unstoppable, whenever Childs was not double teamed, he scored, automatic. OR had no answer, When they did double Childs, he kicked it out for an open 3. Toolson is just smart. Whenever he gets a smaller player, he methodically backs them down for an easy basket.

Pleased with the win, We turned an easy win into a tough game with poor shooting but pulled it out in the end. the game was a tossup towards the end with OR really getting hot on the O boards but BYU showed how veterans put teams away the last minute and a half while OR clanked away. Pope has to be happy with the win and now his has his teams full attention going into league play

This was a tough game and every time I thought BYU was going to break it open ORU would knock down a couple of 3 pointers. Grades for the game-Toolson, Child’s get As. Haws gets a B-plus-Nixon and Seljaas get B-minus-Barcello a C and Harding a C-minus-Lee a non-factor. Take the win, defense wasn’t as stellar as I’ve seen it-credit ORU with a good game plan-especially in the 2nd half

When a doctor says 2-4 weeks out with a knee injury, go with the 4 weeks. I’ve had several knee injuries and 3 surgeries. Follow the doctor’s orders. Now, he may miss the first games with SM and GA. He wasn’t needed.

Coach says shoot when you are open. Haws shots were open shots. But, he didn’t always have his feet and legs under him for his 3’s. Same with others in the game.

Many of the players elbows are flinging out during free throws. Sometimes on their 3’s as well. Bad habits during games happen when we only play one game a week. I expect some of the same challenges next game with LMU. We may be able to score a lot in the lane. But 3’s may not come at will. I hope I’m wrong.