OSU and Senior night, last game of the season

BYU basketball: Which players will be honored on Senior Night? – Deseret News

All kinds of meat in this article by Jay Drew.
1 Robinson, Johnson and Christenson are being honored with their families on Sr. night
2 Waterman chose NOT TO
3 Robinson, Waterman can come back next year if they choose. refer to #1 and 2 above
4 Khalifa is planning on coming back if there is not a coaching change
5 To a man, BYU wants PAYBACK for losing to OSU.

Me: in our blowout loss, Keller (22 pts) and Garrison (21 pts) destroyed BYU…both are freshmen! Both are not, I repeat, not primary players. This was by far our worse defensive game of the entire season and an embarrassment that 2 fr. scored 43 points on BYU.
We allowed them to make 11-22 threes, also our worst beating of the season.
BYU rebounded 18 ORs and 18 DRs to their 6ORs and 24 D rebounds, so we killed them on the boards

I’ll make two predictions
1 Robinson starts
2 BYU has risen from 12 to a 13.6 favorite. I will say BYU gets over 80 and covers the spread.

They should absolutely dominate Oklahoma State at home.

Which BYU team will show up tonight. Hopefully not the overconfident, were better than we think we are knuckleheads that sometimes do.

I want a confident team that plays together and stays focused.

And, that last sentence is why Knell should play 15-25 minutes.

He simply needs to contribute way more than he has, especially in conference play. You saw the stats and stats don’t lie. I don’t think chemistry is an issue at this point. Give him 10 minutes and see if he can hit some 3’s. If he does then give him 5 more minutes. 15 is the high end, not 25.