Our immaturity is showing

Huh? Afraid? He hired their coach! What’s he afraid of?

To tell them to take better shots, to tell them to be team players, to tell them to keep their cool…

He’s afraid to do all of those things, that’s why I think he hired the LP head coach.

The LP guys seem to be prima donna head cases who think they are still in high school playing for mythical national championships…

Well boys, welcome to the big time. Their size and speed worked great in high school but this is college and a lot of those kids they were beating up on 4 years ago are grown men now, physically and emotionally mature. It’s time for them to man up and start playing disciplined, team basketball. Stop hucking up the 30 ft. 3 point shots, stop making dumb fouls, stop losing your head and cool, stop trying to be the hero and start doing what is necessary to win a real championship, not some mythical high school thing. The LP 3 have all shown signs of immaturity playing the college game… losing their cool, committing dumb fouls and playing hero ball. Just ask Mark Durrant…

I know peeps will not like to read this but the truth always cuts to the core. You are the one that started this thread with “our immaturity is showing” but I don’t know if you believe what you are saying and I’m sure you will disagree with what I said because you always do.

If they don’t change these things, they can’t expect any results. The talent is there, I just don’t know if they are going to be able to combine it with the necessary maturity.

These are also return missionaries. So, I believe they will follow a righteous man like Rose. But, as even squirrelly ones, they have to be reminded of their mission and goal at BYU. That’s why this loss is good early on in the season. See what happens against a decent UVU team that will be looking to knock off BYU. Then USU. a few good teams now.
But take a deep breath. This will be a fun year leading up to next year :slight_smile:

Pope may get UVU up to the level of decent, maybe even soon, but that is hardly a description of the team as it currently exists.

The UVU game will be closer than people think. Next year it will get even closer.

TJ and Emery have some growing up to do. Bryant is a loose cannon who thinks he can hit a 3…1-19 now. We all knew these guys would have growing pains and losing is the best way to get their attention that they are not as good as they think they are…and that every possession counts (you feelin me, Emery)

That is why I have been optimistic about BYU at the end of the year, after they work out the kinks.

Is Few over at Gonzaga a better coach? did he win even when this horses got into foul trouble against Florida? Yep and Yep. If GU beats BYU at any time this season, it is because GU has a better coach and good athletes who know what the coach wants from them. You feelin me, Bryant, TJ and Emery? Play team ball.

Coach Rose the other day was remembering Tyler Haws who missed nearly his first 20 3s and somehow he turned out a decent career percentage anyway.

Yep. When shooters keep missing the coach will always tell him/her to keep shooting. Shoot your way out of your slump. Also, driving to the basket and getting shorter shots for a while helps too. Work your way back out to the 3 point line.

Few has been to the Ncaa tourney, I believe, 18 straight years-it’s a good system with a good coach-not a conspiracy

Sorry… I don’t entirely agree with you. There have been a “few” years where Gonzaga wasn’t a very good team at all yet the wcc found a way to help them win the tourney and get into the ncaa tournament. They have been 20+ straight years now… and in a crappy, little conference like the wcc, there is huge incentive to keep that going. They are the face, the darling and the golden goose of the wcc. They will continue to get the invite as the wcc tournament champion whenever they need it to make it in.

Of course you don’t have to believe me… most cougarfans here don’t. They didn’t believe me about the lone peak boys either.

Sorry I think you are right about being the darlings of the WCC, but they have also had a history of doing well against big name teams outside the conference and doing well in the NCAA tourney-much better than BYU has done and very good for a small Washington school. As far as Lone Peak goes-I’m not a Utah native so the only thing I can base my observations on is being top 100 recruits who could have played in any number of major college programs, but chose BYU-WHERE Jackson chose Duke. As for the fiasco against Utah Valley the only two players that showed up were Lone Peak players so what does that say for the rest of the team. So why was it that two teams that played up tempo bb, the team that displayed the most competence was coached by Pope instead of Rose and had ex BYU castoffs. A valid point that you make is, that fans would think that just because the highly touted players from high school would make BYU a national contender, especially a freshman and 2 sophs. It’s time to have a reality check. But really-BYU fans have always been a little out of touch with reality. You want to compare athletes from Alabama or Ohio State in football? Not even close. We always hope for the best, but often get beat my the guy that lives down the street. Sorry if this sounds like venting, but I’m not really disagreeing with much you are saying, but in the end you try and recruit the all the 5 star athletes you can and worry about execution and discipline and not focus on who the favorite son is or how the referee’s are out to help you lose.

The thing I saw with Emery last night was that he was the only BYU player that acted like he wanted to shoot. TJ Rose is a pass first player and a decent free throw shooter but he doesn’t look for his shot when the team is struggling offensively. Haws has been struggling with his confidence in shooting at distance. He took shots last night but showed a lack of confidence. Mika has been playing less aggressively probably so he can stay on the court. It was frustrating to see him get his fifth foul on a play where he didn’t even make contact with the player. Anyway, Emery showed leadership last night by trying to keep his team in the game when everyone else lacked confidence. UVU shot 50% from distance and knocked down 18 3s. Its tough to beat a team when they are shooting that well from distance. UVU reminds me of what we’ll see this year when we play St. Marys. Hopefully, Quincy can correct the problems with our defensive issues.

at least Emery got his points!!! Wannabe Haws tried his best but he could not hit the Marriott floor with his crap.

The Wolverines’ night involved a 3-point shooting clinic, where they hit eight of their first nine attempts and ultimately finished going 18-36 from behind the arc, setting a Marriott Center record in the process.

Two very glaring weaknesses. If you look at the replays, BYU was double teamed every single time Mika got the ball in the low post and we squandered it with turnovers. every single time. second point, UVU gets 36 open looks from the three. WCC teams should be salivating at the thought. Typical Rose coached team, all offense and no defense. Prepare for a rough year. either Rose goes or we continue to watch BYU lose to crappy teams.

This doesn’t sound like the same guy who told us the LP3 was going to take BYU to the final four…

Was that the WCC final four? Just asking…

a lot of growing up to do before we get to see what we have here. UVU was a trap game from the start. 3 BYU Passovers just dying to put it to BYU. Defending the 3 line is the easiest thing to do in basketball and these guys all get a fail. If I were Rose, I would have sat all 5 guys and made them watch from the pine. No D, no playing time.

When I said, “Emery got his”, it was meant as an insult. Both he and Haws took many shots at 3 too early in the possession with 0 chance of a Mika or otherwise rebound. Slow it down, play the inside/outside game and get those open 3s that you had in the 1st half of the Valpo game. Hero ball is for punks.

Ultimately, Rose is responsible for how the players play. In reality, I don’t suspect Rose spends a lot of time as a practice coach. According to his bio, Terry Nashiff is in charge of the offense. http://byucougars.com/staff/m-basketball/terry-nashif I assume that means that he works with the players in practice and implements the offense. Supposedly, Quincy was hired to bring in a defensive mindset. I don’t know how much say Quincy actually has in implementing his style of defense. Since Rose likes the uptempo offensive game, he may, philosophically, sacrifice defense in order to put more energy into his offense. His strategy may be to simply outscore his opponents. I’m speculating but it seems he places less value on defense. After such a disheartening loss, Rose and his staff have to be rethinking their approach to coaching up this group.

Agree with most. When no one else is scoring and shooting poorly, you take the ball and do it. That’s what Emery did and shot very well compared to the others. Mika was scoring but again couldn’t stay in the floor. Not even Aytes could make a basket. Can’t fault Emery with trying.

7 turnovers. matched the entire team on turnovers.

Happens when no one else is moving on offense and making shots. While Mika was in, he was passing it to him. And he made a couple of real bad turnovers. But that’s also because the others weren’t moving without the ball. Just standing around.