Our immaturity is showing

Yes the officials suck. But we have really lost our cool. This will be a tough one to win. We also haven’t shot well since the start of the game.

Agreed, these officials do suck and we lost our cool for a bit. They’ve battled back, but short of a miracle shot, they will probably lose this one.

Should have had 5 shooting guards in for that last shot. We also lost the team concept several times. Too much one on one.

Does this ring the bell when comes to playing in Vegas in the final - wcc - mwc? We have our 5 against their 7. Just ask Jim.

Tough loss. Davis makes a goofy foul at a bad time. Rose goes 0-7. At this point you play Bryant against weaker teams because right now he is a liability on the court. I usually don’t rag on the refs but they were brutal. All in all Rose needs some adjustments to make. Can’t get some kind of consistency out of Davis-some games he drives u nuts. Aytes play well the first half. Guinn should be first off the bench. Let Bryant play against S Utah for most of the game and see what’s going down. Already Haws has more upside than Emery, but Emery drives to the hole well he needs to do it more often. Dastrup played well-he is a big kid. Rose was off tonight but at least he doesn’t force things. Kaufusi needs to play and spell the bigs. Couple of good games with USU and USC. WOULD like to see Guinn instead of Bryant till he shoots a little better and gets a little quicker

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In the first half, even though rebounding was poor, we got a lead by playing team ball inside out. At the end of the half and second half we didn’t play team ball enough. Too much one on one without passing.
Where was Aytes the second half? We have enough Bigs that can play. I don’t know if Kaufusi would have helped. Aytes did well.

The officials truly stank it up. on both sides.
The boys from BYU lost their cool.
I didn’t like the results from the game…or much of the play in the game…after all a loss that close means every mistake made along the way coulda woulda made a difference.

What I loved about the game.
Anger…from Rose. from so many players…
Frustration…from so many players…

They have expectations from themselves that matter to them…So much better than the mealy-mouth losses of the last few years.

Losing Mika only 5 minutes into the first half hurt. All of the bigs subsequently picked up at least 2 fouls which facilitated them to drive the ball inside and get the layup or kick it out for the three. Honestly I don’t know how you call some of the fouls they did-no contact. I like Emery-but he takes some questionable shots. Both Haws and Emery can drive the ball inside and should more often. One loss-I’m not going to cry too loud, but byu should have won-they had more overall talent

Unfortunately, the NCAA is making some of the rules real tough on the referees too. It’s also making the game look like a 1950’s version of the game too. Perhaps it’s just another example of society and woosifying if men.
The subs for Mika played well again. Aytes should have been back in and played more in the second half.
Rose needs to tell his shooters to stop shooting from 35 feet. Pass the ball until someone has a good 3 to take. But, pass the ball in low first.

Blame it on whatever, it’s same old predictable outcome, just different players. Yes, I woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning because I stayed up late watching a game that I thought we should have and would win, and was disappointed. All this talk of the Lone Peak Three and Sweet Sixteen or Final Four run is, as usual, overblown.

Settle down. Take your meds. It’s one game. It’s good that it happened early on so they can get back to team ball.

I hear you-I stayed up also, but it was evident half way through the first half that byu might have some problems in the second half with all the foul trouble the front line was getting into. In the end though Valparaiso showed more discipline, though I still believe BYU had more overall talent

John is right and he doesn’t have to “settle down”. That is what BYU fans have done for the past eternity… settling down and settling for the same results year after year.

If you take the time to remember last year, I harped all season long on the biggest issue facing the “team” and that was the selfish hero ball that players like Emery, Fischer and Collinsworth exhibited throughout the season. It cost BYU a lot of games. Fast forward to this season and here we go again. The officiating was crappy but you are right, BYU had chances to win and the selfish, hero ball took over just like last season. Emery and Bryant were the worst offenders this game but Haws lost his cool and it will be somebody else next game.

The LP3 were supposed to keep it from happening. A lot of it is on the coach as well. Isn’t he running the team?

Yeah, it’s great that the officiating pushes them into a corner and turns the coach and players into jerks. That really helps them with calls and the officials wanting to be objective the rest of the game.

I can see this team setting itself up for a similar result as last year…

If this was going to happen it is good to have it early on after great success. I think they will fix that problem. And Rise will fix the coaching problems too.

Overall this team is better than last year. If they get smarter there is more upside to this group as opposed to last year where what you saw was pretty much it. Rose runs the offense pretty well-if you can get Emery to take better shots it will help. I would give Bryant more minutes Saturday- somewhere you have to figure out whether he is going to help the team out this year and act accordingly because he isn’t helping right now. Last time Haws played was in high school so he will be even more rounded than Tyler, I hope. Child’s is the same-good upside just inexperienced. Mika is the big surprise to me-I thought he would be good but not this good outside of fouls which I don’t believe he committed three of them based upon what Valparaiso’s bigs were getting away with. Anyway I’m predicting a 6 loss season and making the dance. Time will tell but I think it’s realistic

So far…

BYU has won the games they should have won, except for one… and it was a close loss.

Doesn’t sound a whole lot different than last year at this point. They lost an early winnable game against an average team (LBSU), just like this year against Valpo…

Same old story, same old song and dance…

Not the same. This year’s talent is superior…

People will look at this game and the box score and think… wow, Emery kept the Cougars close. What they won’t know is that Emery took it upon himself, as he did so many times last year, to play hero ball and do it himself. So having more “talent” is only a good thing if that talent learns how to play as a team and rely on each other.

It didn’t happen this game, just like so many times last year. Only time will tell if they get it or not. The sad thing is it looks like Rose is not in charge again and that is not a good thing. I guess he is afraid of the LP3…

Only the end of the season will tell
It’s a lot like football. People were saying 11-1 or 10-2 others were saying 4-8 or 3-9. I said 7-5 and in all probability it will be 8-4. People still aren’t happy, but I am. Imo it was a good year. I’m saying 6 losses and an ncaa invite so no matter who is right we will have to wait it out.

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