Outstanding Scouting Report on Jaxson

This is very well done; complimentary overall yet fair in its criticism.

#17 overall in this report’s top 100. I want him to continue having a great year–but is this going to be his last?

When Baker and Adams come on knells minutes have to go way down - maybe a bit of Johnson’s but zero of Robinsons. His should keep going up as the season progresses if he continues to play anywhere near what he’s doing now. Probably need to keep Waterman’s minutes where they’re at
Abundance of talent is a luxury problem.

Marcus Adam’s is now also ready as well.

Great! Good intel Hopstet
Excited to see how good he is

Upper body strength remains weak and affects his ability to finish at the rim, through contact … An additional 20 lbs on his frame will allow him to play more physical on both ends … Shies away from contact … Rebounding must improve … His lack of rebounding numbers for his size may be partly due to lack of strength, but a concern relating to his willingness to play physical … Needs to become better at utilizing his athleticism around the basket … Only averages 1.3 FT per game. Considering he’s shooting 90% from the line, he could become a more prolific scorer by playing more physical, forcing the action and getting more trips to the line …

I can see it in his eyes…He has flipped the switch.

When you have NBA talent, it is imperative that you use the offseason to bulk up. Now; Robinson is “behind” because you know darn well that he was told to hit the weights hard if he wants a NBA future. A perfect case for young and up and commers. But with his head right, he can fix any and all of these criticisms. Go get it, Dude.