Pacific for the win

Is there a worse D1 basketball team in America than Pacific?

Spencer Johnson is the leader of this year’s team. Bum knee and he still scores 15.

I don’t get Robinson, he is a starter, Pope raves about him, everyone gushes about his potential. They talk about his 5 star rating, his experience at Ark. All I see is a guy that sits on the 3 line hucking up shots.

21 turnovers will get you a loss in any other team in the WCC. WCC teams are not the patsies of a few years ago, 1-6 can beat you on any given night.

The turnovers are a head scratcher. I couldn’t see the game so not sure what the problem was tonight. 20 point win on the road still was good. Glad to have Johnson back.

Hey guys, I’ve been lurking here for the past 5 plus years and decided to jump in the fray. I washed the game tonight. A lot of the turnovers were due to errant passes. Passes over people’s heads passes when people were covered, it was a very sloppy game concerning passes.

One thing got me very excited about Jaxson tonight. For the first time I saw him cutting and dribbling to the hoop. One of his early baskets he made a cut to the hoop, caught a pass, and made a 6-footer. I think at least three or four times during the game he put the ball on the floor and drove to the hoop. He has such a silky smooth shot at close range I think it will significantly improve his game if he has a chance to pop off a couple 10 to 15 footers before he starts shooting his 25-footers. (Which drives me crazy)

One thing I’ve noticed over the past few games is in general more people are driving to the hoop instead of just shooting a three. They pump fake and try to make a move. Hall, Rudy, Richie, Spencer have done that in the past. However I am seeing waterman drive more the past few games. And tonight Jaxson started driving to the hoop. The other teams are actually starting to foul us as we drive to the hoop so we’re getting more opportunities on the free-throw line. I think it also gets us a better shot if we can pass the ball well and not turn it over.

I’m still somewhat optimistic about this team this year. In years past it seems like we struggle to beat teams we should be blowing out. And other than South Dakota state we have been blowing out a lot of teams we should be blowing out.

Fun team to watch!


Were the errant passes due to full court pressing of just tuff defense? Good run down. Glad to know Robinson is driving to the basket. What was with Fousse tonight? Didn’t look like he did much.

To me it seemed like a lot of the passes were just sloppy. A couple of the passes it looked like the person lost the handle and threw it over the person’s head. Some were across the court but they were slow and got intercepted. Some were passes off the drive that weren’t very accurate. To me they were very fixable, we just need to fix them. Pacific did press the last 5 minutes of the game and there might have been one turnover there. I was losing my focus near the end of the game cuz we were winning by 20-25 points.

It looked like Pacific took away Fous. Double teamed down low. When he screened up top and cut to the hoop seems like he was always covered, never a good angle for the pass. It seemed like their game plan was don’t let him beat us make BYU shoot three pointers. And we did well shooting three pointers tonight.

Good to know, I missed the first 15 minutes trying to upload the feed to my TV ( via internet. So Jax seems to be listening to Pope (Waterman was challenged a few weeks ago and he had big games in the Utah, Craighton games) and not just be a 3 point edge guy. In the 2nd half Jax DID stand out there and shoot 3s so I stand to be corrected.

Great post by the way and welcome.

I would say that Foos, George and Jax are challenged to make good passes. All three of these guys are end of play shooters, not used to passing the ball away. I used to cringe when George had to pass the ball, it was always a turnover. This kind of stuff will get BYU losses. We are Too Far into the season to be Turning Over the ball 21 times. BYU averages 49% on offense, if we cut the turnovers to just 10 per game, that is and extra 23 points (extrapolating for 3s) per game.

As soon as possible, Pope will have to start Johnson. That should help with the turnover situation.