Pacific is the opppsite of San Francisco

San Francisco jacks it up 35 times a game from long range. Pacific might do it 10 times a game. All of their offense is inside play. I think guys like Dastrop well have an important role today

Are you sure he will get to play much? If you read the grasshopper posts, Dastrup has no business even being on the floor because he doesn’t know the defense and isn’t ready to make any contributions at all. Maybe he will get 5 or 6 minutes, his average for the season. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The Grasshopper is in your head :slight_smile:
Dastrup will play until he gets lost in the defense. If he doesn’t he will play more. As he plays better in practice he will get more playing time. It’s very simple.

You need to figure out your own head before you go trying to get in anyone else’s.

You would think…

On another note, why are we attacking the teeth of their defense with the 7 footer?

BYU lost that Pacific game in two areas…Rose never rested his horses, Bry and Childs never got the ‘end of the game grind’ rest that they needed. punchless. Stodimeyer rested Reynolds, the 7 footer and Tripp for long periods. Rose has a habit of doing this kind of thing in tough games. Reynolds-Tripp killed us at the rim. Eli-Hardnett could of driven and got that last foul on either of Reynolds-Tripp and rendered Pacific neutral.

2, can we all agree that Bergersen has no business being out there in tight games…I realize that Rose likes him and needs him to develop but there will be games, with leads, that we can play him. Pacific erased our 8 point lead the second Bergersen got in the game.

Dastrup and Seljaas were worthless out there tonight. either run some plays for them or put guys in there that want to be in the thick of things like Cannon. Just a poorly managed road game that we had no business losing.

I only saw the last 3 minutes. I wasn’t going to risk my anniversary and time with my wife to watch this team do what I was concerned they would do. Didn’t matter because I saw them do it in the last 3 minutes. I think there are some coaching issues that extend beyond a game like this. These results are what is expected based on the preparation for wcc play. It is a pattern that is becoming all too common.

Where do they go from here?

I will admit that Jimmer spoiled me and I need to temper my expectations but even teams before the Jimmer years did more with less talent than the post Jimmer teams are doing. Lots of expectations and not many results.

What inside game for BYU?

I agree with your point about Dastrup. We need someone good inside, but he lacks the quickness needed for a big insider.